Why Wilmington Delaware Web Development Company Prefer WordPress?

Why Wilmington Delaware Web Development Company Prefer WordPress?

WordPress is so far the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) on internet. Many Web Design Companies are using WordPress as their major source of income. WordPress is famous for small and medium sized projects. There are still questions whether WordPress can be used for high traffic generating websites or large enterprise organizations.

Over the years WordPress has gone stronger with its user and SEO friendly environment; many Web Design Companies all around the world prefer it. Based on the regional analysis, WordPress has scored more points than another open source CMS. Wilmington is one of the popular cities that have many Web Designing Companies that are working on various open source CMS platforms and most of them prefer WordPress for their prestigious clients.

Wilmington is Delaware State’s largest city and it is located at the convention of Brandywine Creek and Christina River. With a population of more than 70,000 people, Wilmington is making a mark in Information Technology as well as other fields. With a Meet up program coming up for WordPress Design Company in Wilmington, it leaves no doubt that designers and developer are making all the efforts to make their city (Wilmington) compete with the rest of the world.

Why Wilmington Delaware Web Development Company Prefer WordPress?

Why Well Established Brands Prefer WordPress over other CMS?

WordPress is an awesome open source framework and considered as one of the best platform for Blogs, it is free and user friendly. Its outstanding features and interface makes web browsing easy and vigorous. WordPress is not only bound to work with just blogs, it can also be used as Corporate Websites builder. WordPress Design Companies use it as a key source to develop client’s web applications with an ease, its user friendly interface and number of extendable plugins make it the strongest open source Content Management System (CMS).Why Wilmington Delaware Web Development Company Prefer WordPress?

If your company is in Wilmington Delaware, in fact whatever the place you are living in, internet gives you freedom to scroll through the world with no one stopping you, no licenses required, no air tickets, you are in a flight which has no airport and don’t need petrol to take you to your destination. Exactly this is how WordPress works, no barriers, no licensing, 100% free for any Website Design and Development Company or individuals.

Small and big enterprise Companies in Wilmington Delaware are proudly using WordPress for almost all Web App Development projects, companies prefer WordPress over any other CMS because of the following key features;

  • Open Source License
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Responsive Edifice
  • Powerful Plugins

This is not all, with more than 35 thousand paid and free plugins on “WordPress Plugins Store” Web Design and Development Company or Freelancers can easily fill their development needs.

Open Source License

WordPress is free for any personal or commercial use. If you are planning to have your website designed and developed then you will definitely be looking for Content Management System (CMS) that gives you freedom to do anything you want with a very easy coding structure and above all license free environment with unlimited number of revisions and page additions, for all your needs WordPress is the right preference.

Why Wilmington Delaware Web Development Company Prefer WordPress?

Cross Browser Compatibility

You think you are a Guru of web programming, it is a bet that you will still be afraid of those Cross Browser Compatibility issues that designers and developers face. Every web browser works in its own way and that is why websites give different look on some browsers. WordPress doesn’t give you a headache in this regard, its cross browser compatible structures gives it a edge amongst various other frameworks. Web Design Companies is liable to overcome all Cross Browser Compatibility issues if they may arise, and to avoid wasting their time Web Design Companies select WordPress as their major resource for building blogs and corporate websites.

WordPress respects W3C programming standards and as a result all websites developed in WordPress are compatible with all modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Why Wilmington Delaware Web Development Company Prefer WordPress?

User Friendly Interface

With the most advanced user interface for both front-end and back-end, WordPress is considered as the first preference for any Web Design Company around the globe. Easy to understand coding environment, well structured filing system, flexible design and development elements, all these increase the worth of WordPress. The admin section of WordPress is the easiest to work with, with drag and drop facility for a novice user to easily place the elements into its right area or where ever user feels like placing them.

Responsive Structure

Latest versions of WordPress are all Responsive (Mobile and Tablet Friendly), so this means you don’t have to take any trouble on to you of writing a mobile friendly code. With a growing trend of Android and iPhone in Wilmington Delaware, people have access to the internet while they walk on the streets, so to capture the market of walkers companies need to focus on developing Mobile Friendly websites. A company having a Mobile Friendly website has more chances of high traffic than those who don’t. WordPress is a readymade Responsive CMS.

Why Wilmington Delaware Web Development Company Prefer WordPress?

WordPress Powerful Plugins

WordPress Plugins give your Corporate Website or Blogs an extended capabilities and features. There are more than 35,000 plugins on WordPress Plugins Directory which can be installed and used in WordPress. Both paid and Free Plugins are there to make designers and developers life easy.

Not only Wilmington Delaware, designers and developers all around the globe prefer WordPress over all other Open Source CMS, there are still some people who think WordPress can easily be hacked that is why it is not safe to use WordPress for any web development, yet many think that any platform can be hacked if you don’t have a secure internet connection and use complex password combinations to make hacker’s life a hell.

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