Workplace Celebrations: Important Safety Precautions For The Holiday Season

As the holiday season nears, many businesses plan to celebrate seasonal events with workplace parties. These types of social gatherings help create a happy environment. Taking the time to adhere to a few safety precautions will permit everyone to enjoy themselves:

Consider Transportation Issues

Office party sponsors need to evaluate transportation safety issues for employees returning from a company-sponsored event. If the business serves alcoholic refreshments, make sure designated drivers assist participants as they return home. Additionally, at large gatherings, consider providing security.

Workplace Celebrations Important Safety Precautions For The Holiday Season

Make Sure to Refrigerate Holiday Treats

Many health authorities caution that party sponsors should keep holiday treats appropriately refrigerated. Microbial populations in the environment gain a foothold at room temperatures and begin growing faster in unrefrigerated foods. Experts advise that no food item requiring refrigeration should remain at room temperatures for longer than two hours, at the most. Exercise particular caution with fresh vegetables, eggs, meat, seafood, mayonnaise and dairy products (especially whipped cream, ice cream and butter). Even food that appears unspoiled could contain high bacterial population loads after remaining at improper temperatures beyond recommended limits. Every year in the United States, people suffer problems by consuming improperly stored foods. The safest course of action remains: “if in doubt, toss it out.”

List Ingredients

Taking one very simple step proves extremely helpful for any business conducting potluck events. Ask everyone providing an edible item to supply a list of all the ingredients. By including a complete list for everyone to read, sponsors allow people with allergies to select alternative dishes. Some individuals suffer extreme allergic reactions if they consume certain foods, such as peanuts or gluten-filled products. Listing the contents of treats prepared for an office potluck meal reduces the chance that anyone might inadvertently overindulge in a tasty snack that does not meet dietary requirements.

Conduct Parties Outside Designated Work Areas

Especially in factory, warehouse or clinical settings, sponsors should consider conducting office social gatherings away from the immediate work area. Holding these types of inclusive events in an executive conference room or a firm’s cafeteria usually offers a better dining environment. Participants can enjoy themselves, without worrying about tripping or falling while eating, or coming into contact with potentially hazardous equipment. During the holiday season, many areas experience snowy weather, so be sure you have all the outdoor spaces around your workplace properly de-iced. Icy walkways and snowy parking lots can pose a serious risk to your employees. According to a St. James criminal defense attorney, slip and fall injuries are among the most common workplace injuries. Avoid such injuries by taking precautions beforehand and being proactive about winter maintenance.

Celebrate With Confidence

Following these simple steps assists everyone in enjoying an office social engagement. The revelry and camaraderie flowing from shared workplace festivities often contributes to stronger team morale during the rest of the year!

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