Can I Claim If I Don’t Live In The UK But I Was Injured There?

If you do not live in the UK but you have been injured there, you may still be able to make a claim for compensation. Your claim will likely be incredibly complex, however, and the factors affecting your ability to claim will include your living status and the circumstances of your accident. For instance, as a general rule, to make a claim against a UK resident you must have been domiciled in the UK for at least six months. You cannot ordinarily make a claim against a UK resident if you are not a Citizen and you visited for less than six months.

Can I Claim If I Don’t Live In The UK But I Was Injured There?

But, you still may be able to make a claim – hence, why we mentioned above that the circumstances of your accident play a huge role in your ability to bring a claim forward. If you have been injured as part of a package holiday in the UK, for example, then you may be able to make a claim against your tour operator, or if you were injured on a UK flight, then you may be able to make a claim against the airline.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your accident, the people you want to talk to about your accident are UK lawyers – not lawyers in your own country. This is because your accident happened in the UK, so UK lawyers are best placed to help you. We recommend you call an injury helpline in the UK to speak with a claims advisor about your case. A claims advisor will be able to give you an accurate answer as to your rights depending on the circumstances of your claim. And there will be absolutely no obligation to proceed with a claim once you are in receipt of this advice. You are free to use it as you so wish.

If you do decide that making a claim is the right thing to do, based on the legal advice you have received, then take your time to find the right lawyer. A law firm you can count on to help you under the circumstances is Accident Advice Helpline. Call their helpline, and the claims advisor you speak to will help you to ascertain your eligibility to make a claim.

When it comes to choosing the right lawyer, a good lawyer is someone who has handled cases similar to your own before – and rest assured, there are plenty of lawyers out there who have, because the UK sees millions of tourists every year. In fact, there are law firms out there who specialise in accidents claims for people not living in the UK but who were injured through no fault of their own in the UK.


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