Investment Planning With A Talented Expert!

Planning your investments alone and with a skilled professional does make a lot of difference. Professionals will understand your needs and give you the right options that will reap huge benefits. In the USA, Amit Raizada is one of the most respected and skilled investment strategists in Miami today. He is the CEO of Spectrum Business Ventures and is one of the most trusted investment and financial planning professionals in the USA today. Amit has devoted his career into helping people and businesses get the best innovative investment strategies for consistent growth and returns in both the short and long-run.

Investment Planning With A Talented Expert!

Amit Raizada helps his clients minimize risks and maximize profits with his innovative investment plans and strategies. He says that when he meets his clients for the first time, he ensures that he personally examines their investment portfolio. He has successfully helped his clients with innovative financial planning and investment schemes that have actually reaped them profound returns. He is an inspiring figure in the investment management market today and highly respected for his skills and talents in predicting the right investment scheme for his clients.

Amit was born in India at New Delhi and he migrated to the USA when he was two years old with his parents. He always had a keen interest in finance and investment management. His family supported him in his passion and this nurtured his zeal for business. His ambition and interest in economics has made him a remarkable success in the market today.

Amit founded Spectrum Business Ventures in 2002. His sole mission is to maximize potential investment streams. He always examines the investment portfolio of his clients himself. He has also lead mergers and acquisitions on behalf of his esteemed clients.  He is skilled and talented. He is a motivational leader and has contributed significantly to the growth and development of Spectrum Business Ventures too. He also deals with real estate and capital solutions.

Amit completed his education from The Michigan State University in the USA. He studied Economics there. He joined the corporate environment as an investment strategist. Before he established his own firm- Spectrum Business Ventures. He served as an investment consultant to several international brands like T-Mobile, Nextel and Verizon. He helped them in formulating a concrete structure when it came to outlet expansion and consistent growth of revenue. He deals with every industry and is always on the lookout for opportunity. His business interests are not confined to the USA alone but also North and Central America and Europe.

Amit Raizada is also an inspiring and motivational role model for his employees and team. He has excellent communication and leadership skills. His team are proud to have a mentor in the world of capital investment like him. Amit is indeed a positive role model for many people in the USA. He has remarkable success in all his business ventures. His clients and peers also respect him a lot and regard him to be one of the most credible and trusted investment strategists in the USA today!

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