The impact of technology over real estate industry

technology over real estate industryAccording to Deloitte CEO, Peter Williams “Agents will not replaced by technology…..they will be replaced by agents with technology”. Actually it doesn’t mean this real estate industry is getting replaced by any technology completely intermediating the whole process and even agent role get outdated rather this transformation is of power coming with technology and the winners are going to be agents only. Here technology is not referred to the hardware but adoption of solution that involves software applications, solutions and platforms.

Technology is putting impact on all office works of real estate industry. Most agencies now use internet as well as mobile for interacting with the customers. With the latest technology, real estate Chennai agents are able to operate easily. It helps them in saving time and money.

The ways through which technology have impact on real estate business are:

Social media

Many of the real estate realtors are trying to build a relation between social media marketing and their real estate marketing plans. If you are new to these social networking sites then need to pay more attention because you can miss out some great opportunities in finding potential buyers and sellers and investors from online. With social media marketing, things get fasten to market your business over a period of time. By getting into these online communities like Facebook, Twitter etc through comments and sharing online, you are opening up the way of opportunities that are looking out for you out there.

Now social media is very essential for any business. It helps you connecting with potential customers easily and builds a relationship with each kind of constituent. Here is a simple guide to start of:

  • Frequency matters of lot, how much post engage the users
  • Influential players who curate and share your content
  • Don’t get into each and every social network
  • Identity where actually people connects more

Mobile Networking

Are your more flexible? Do you easily get into reachable out of office? Are you providing your phone number to your clients to get into touch with you anywhere? When you work as real estate Chennai agent, you need to be more professional. It means you can be constantly in go, meet client or agents anytime anywhere, look for new prospects, plan open houses and lot more to do. These all are not possible by sitting in the office. To be professional you can able to contact with the clients through mobile too.


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