Top 6 Benefits Of Trade Finance For SMEs

What exactly is trade finance for small businesses? Many people understand trade finance as something offered to larger companies that frequently do business across the world. But SME trade finance is also an important area to consider when you are involved in buying and selling goods. Trade finance is also known as purchase order finance and it is a form of credit where businesses are funded against already confirmed orders. Trade finance allows for goods to be exported and imported without negatively affecting the profitability of the business. Read on for some more tips on trade finance for the small business.

Top 6 Benefits Of Trade Finance For SMEs

1. Trade Finance Keeps Goods Moving 

The key to maintaining profitability when moving goods in and out of the country is to ensure items are moved without creating cash flow issues or risking non-payment. Trade finance is a good way of allowing goods to be purchased without having credit terms agreed by the seller.

2. Trade Finance Removes Supply Chain Headaches

When trade finance is included as a complete supply chain management package it is easier for businesses to trade without having to deal with the hassles of customs, shipping schedules, and supplier non-payment. If you are setting up a business it is especially useful to have someone else handle all these complicated points. A trade finance agreement can cover the entire trade cycle from buying the goods to delivering them to clients. 

3. Improves Peace of Mind 

An extra benefit of trade finance for SMEs dealing with overseas suppliers or customers is it removes the headache of chasing payment and the worry of the deal falling through. When combined with a factoring agreement, trade finance providers will chase customers for late payment.

4. Offers Flexibility

Most SME trade finance agreements are worked out based on the individual needs of the company. Depending on your circumstances and the nature of the deal, you decide when you want the cash and how much you need. Trade finance deals can change and grow as your company changes and evolves.

5. Trade Finance Gives You Bargaining Power

With the funds already secured for the order, you have substantially more bargaining power with the supplier. You can negotiate better terms. And the terms you get will often cover all the fees you need to pay to the trade finance provider.

6. Trade Finance is Simple to Organise

You don’t need financial knowledge or experience in supply chain management to work out a deal for your trade. Trade finance providers work with businesses to provide the best deal for their needs, and it is usually quick to work out the specifics. Finding the right trade finance partner is important, and it makes a difference to the overall success of the finance deal when you work with a company suited to your needs.

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