What Is A Public Adjuster?

If you are having problems collecting an insurance reimbursement for damages to property, then it is time to hire a public insurance adjuster. Most people have never heard of insurance adjusters because they have never had to make a claim for property damage. You don’t always need to hire an adjuster to collect an insurance reimbursement, but when you do, it is good to know that one is available. An adjuster is needed when you feel that an insurance agent or company is not providing a fair reimbursement.

What Is A Public Adjuster?

How Adjusters Are Paid

When you hire an adjuster, they only represent you instead of helping an insurance company. An adjuster must have licensing in the state where you plan to go to court, and this expert along with a broker of record or attorney are the only professionals who can assist policyholders with a claim process. An adjuster is typically reimbursed for their time by receiving a percentage of the amount that is collected from the insurance company or agent.

Negotiating Settlements for Clients

Public adjusters are responsible for appraising damage to property such as a home, business or vehicle along with preparing a written estimate for the courts. They also analyze a client’s insurance policy to understand the particular coverage. After collecting all of the information necessary to fight for reimbursement, the adjuster negotiates a settlement with the insurance company.

What Is A Public Adjuster?

State Licensing and Regulations

Most states license and regulate public adjusters, and in addition, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has a set of regulations for adjusters. Each state decides how to test and regulate adjusters, and some states have reciprocal agreements that make it easier for individuals to receive licensing in another region. Most adjusters are hired to help with claims on property, but some states permit policyholders to hire an adjuster to help with a health insurance claim.

Adjusters Reduce Your Stress

Policyholders like to hire adjusters in order to have less stress from communicating with insurance companies and attorneys. By hiring an adjuster, it is possible to receive a financial claim faster. If there are disputes about the amount of a financial claim, then an adjuster can explain the circumstances to a policyholder or renegotiate with the insurance company. It is possible to hire an adjuster after a claim has been made to request more money from an insurance company.

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