7 Ways of Boosting Work Place Productivity for Employees

The primary reason why everyone works is understood; it is to earn a livelihood. But as globalization expands, so do peoples’ options to seek work where they can involve positive energies. Making your organization that place, where such energies can be harbored and channeled into the direction of success is your responsibility. In fact, without a good source of a morale boost, you can’t expect much productivity and good morale from your employees.

Team happiness directly translates to productivity and by making your work environment an exciting and a happy place to be at, you can step up your team’s motivation. Here are 7 ways to do so without pushing too far:

1. Develop Communication

Yes, it takes quite a bit of research to determine what measures to take. Encourage people to say hi to each other. This is a simple yet a profound trick to build a sense of workplace community. Acknowledging the presence of people makes them feel welcomed and appreciated. Drop a joke first thing in the morning and make it a policy. Fun and lively mornings can keep the entire day high in spirits.

2. Develop Collaboration Outside of Work

Going out together as a team is very effective in forming bonds beyond work life. You can offer perks every now and then to your employees to watch a movie together, or arrange dinners, all in an effort to form relationships outside of work. Many fun activities can be used as team-building exercises. Fun interactions with your colleagues develop a collaborative culture in the workplace.

3. Encourage Employees to Boost Performance

Showing appreciation for employees’ performances has a direct impact on their motivation and retention levels. You should cultivate a formal gesture by rewarding employees with trophies, shields, plaques, etc. Expressing recognition goes a long way and is valued by the employee for life. EDCO supplies a rich variety of awards for various fields from art glass awards, to business awards, to plaques and shields. These awards can be personalized to make an employee feel truly thought of. You can also give awards to employees to express gratitude for their hard work. You might decide on something like employee trophies.

4. Show That Work-Life is Important

No one can work 24/7; it is outside the capacity of human beings. Having a work-life balance is very crucial. It ensures your health stays intact and your body isn’t harboring too much stress. When you routinely teach this message, it serves as a reminder to everyone in the environment that they should strike a balance between their professional commitments and the commitment to their health and well being.

5. Focus on the Positive

It’s easier to get caught in the negative and reprimand employees for it. But it is actually more healthy to stay focused on the positive. Look for the good in your employees and you will find good. But the opposite is true; if you’re always looking for the bad, you’ll only find bad.

6. Show That You Care

In the current era with buzzers from reminders going off, it gets really difficult to show that you care for your employees’ work. The tendency to do so gets lost in the never-ending calls and meetings to attend. Logic tells you that there is a direct increase in the productivity of people when they feel their work is valued.

You can show your employees you care about them through small acts of gratitude that leave lasting impressions. For example, if your employee is an avid tea drinker, leave a small pack of tea as a surprise on his/her desk. For someone who loves chocolate, drop him a small bar of his favorite kind. You can include a note saying “thank you for your dedication.” You can also make a habit of greeting your employees with “how are you?” These little acts go a long way in making one feel appreciated and cared for.

7. Set a Pet Day

Pets make wonderful companions and genuinely help release stress. You can schedule a pet day once a year where all your employees get to bring their pets. This may be a little difficult to arrange and manage but with proper planning, it can very well be a much-needed boost to everyone’s energy levels.

Whatever you decide to do, letting your employees know you care will help create a positive flow in the office. Make work a fun place to be; value your employees.

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