DUI – Some FAQ’s And Misconceptions In People’s Mind

DUI - Some FAQ's And Misconceptions In People’s Mind

First of all let’s understand what is a DUI Arrest, Driving under Influence (DUI) or say Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), is the crime committed when a person is impaired by alcohol or any other type of drugs, and he is driving a motor vehicle. Usually the level of alcohol is too high from the limit, which states that the driver is incapable of handling the motor vehicle safely. Often you will see that people with more DUI case will be struggling in every way.

It is always advisable to cooperate with police officers during their investigation and hire the best lawyer who has complete knowledge about lab procedures, pharmacology, toxicology and analytical chemistry. Well, hiring a perfect lawyer who can handle any legal matter is very hard to find, because every next lawyer claims to be the best one.

In this situation, you could take help from your family member or friend, who recently faced a bigger legal problem, but acquitted because of his lawyer, about what to look for while hiring a right person for the job.

Moreover, in this advance world you could find many websites, which are specially designed for this purpose only, and they also provide first free consultation, like laduipros.org. So, here are some of the questions and the misconception people have during a DUI arrest:

  • Speak only when it is necessary

The more common mistake that people often make during an arrest is that some of them admit their crime or they will explain the whole story behind there intoxication, or else they will lie. But all these things will make their defense harder, so it is beneficial for you to speak little or stay quiet.

  • Never reject to do any test

If you reject to do the field sobriety test, then the office will think like you are guilty and will fail if the test has taken. Actually, it helps you in the case. But the bigger problem comes when you refuse to do a breath alcohol test. In this case, the driving license can be suspended and the officer can bring warrant, which legally gives him the permission to take your blood sample.

  • Breath and blood test can be easily challenged

It measures the driver intoxication level known as Blood Alcohol Context (BAC). 0.08% is the legal limit of intoxication, and the person is subjected to DUI Arrest if the result is above this level. These test results can also be challenged, because sometimes there is a shortcoming in such devices and these devices, displays the results on the based on assumptions, which can be wrong also.

  • You can also be arrested for a DUI case under Medical Prescription

Some medicines have alcohol content in them, so the police officer can Arrest you for DUI, because it indicates that you are incapable of driving, and if you have not taken the medicine, then your condition will get worse.

  • Motor vehicle Insurance

After a DUI case, your car can be easily insured and moreover, there are many policies designed for this purpose only.

So, after reading all such points, your misconceptions will definitely be cleared. It is advisable to stay away from all such problems, because the DUI case is very much expensive to handle.

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