Importance Of Developing Leadership Skills

‘A Leader is the one who knows the way, Goes the way, and shows the way’

-John C Maxwell

A leader is the one who guides you, motivates you and to be more precise helps you to achieve something that was beyond your reach. Leadership and Guidance are terms which cannot be used as synonyms, they appear similar, they may function similar but they are parallel to each other. Leadership is a trait that every individual longs to have this super quality of making one successful and guiding along the path of success, it’s a function which is helpful for achieving some long, narrow goals which are dreams for a person who works hard to achieve them.

There was this recent movie that hit the theatres, Kung Fu Panda 3, and it’s not only an animation or children’s film but it teaches few of the qualities of a great leader depicted by the character of Po. Leadership does not come in an office environment but it can begin from home, a housewife manages her own house right from beginning her morning chores manging more than one job at a time, this incorporates the ability of multi-tasking in her and she can also be a good leader when it comes to guide her son or a daughter to manage yourself in the daily hustle-bustle of life. The head Chef plans the dish for the day and leads, guides his subordinates to make the delicacy, he is also a leader for his subordinates.

Importance Of Developing Leadership Skills

The leadership quality is the best you can see in the world renowned political leaders. The classic example can be of world leader Martin Luther King who stood up against the discrimination subjected towards the black race in America, he became an efficient leader, he had those skills, qualities and on top of that a vibrant, influential personality which created a wave of struggle across the human race. A leader can be a successful CEO of a company, who has the best quality of keeping his team together, bounded to strive hard achieve the organization goals.

Leadership is the essential function of management, Leading is the quality that is possessed by few, it is not something which a person inherits like inborn trait, over the years of experience and dedication makes a person capable of having this quality and leading others to achieve a goal in the future. Leading is not a job but it should come within that a person who feels responsible to lead his or her team and has aspirations to become a successful leader. A Good leader is not a person who dominates but he demonstrates the possible outcome, how to go about a situation of crises.

Life is bound to give crises, whether it’s your own comfortable house or professional office environment where you have nagging boss around you. Take a deep breath and think about how simplest of small jobs need leadership without which anyone cannot complete the given course of action, the assigned job and once you are through and capable enough to complete the job you yourself can one day be a successful leader. Remember everything starts with us, grows because of us, slowly but steadily. We ourselves are responsible for our success and we are ourselves are creators of our own future.

Importance Of Developing Leadership Skills

It’s the story of leadership that captures the attention of every youth today. There have been many successful people who are the greatest example of being effective and best leaders in the world. The qualities are imbibed in them and they have that fierce and prominent personality when it comes to dealing with many people and instructing them, giving them directions and more importantly being there when a crises situations occurs. Leadership is a quality that comes in a person over the years. It may also come as an inspiration from a speech delivered by a prominent leader, a prominent public figure in the society or a person who is greatly admired by the masses.

Today social media has also become a great source of influence. Masses tend to follow people who are popular but also those who are immensely respected. Barack Obama has many followers on social media giants just because of his powerful personality and representing the one powerful nation. Leading is an effective way of communicating, when a person is a leader people look at him with great respect and at times they look at him as a source of guidance and who can stand by them when the company or the organization is facing a crises.

One person stands and rest follow, the struggle for India’s independence is marked by numerous people who became good leaders and are notable and prominent figures in the society, the entire freedom struggle gave the world people who were efficient enough to lead the nation. Be it Gandhiji, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose and many more their speeches influenced people and the masses followed the leader. They set up an example in front the youth at those times and even today their speeches and are considered the best, as a motivational guide to many upcoming prominent personalities of this era who have turned out to be some of the greatest leaders.

Leadership has become an essential quality today, every office and workforce is incomplete without an effective and versatile leader. Even a layman has to get this definition right now. Leading your family when it with a crises, leading your subordinates in the office. It begins from the smallest of smallest things, right from holding your child’s hand and teaching him to take some of his first few steps. Leading is all about training yourself to become confident in life. It’s difficult for any person to compel a set of individuals to follow him or her it’s not easy to churn the wheels of leadership in any person. Only few are successful leaders and effective. There is difference between being a leader and a dominant person. A dominant person will never be a good leader for others, as practically he might be successful in achieving the given prospects but emotionally he is never attached to the subordinates, he is just look upon by others as a dictator.

Importance Of Developing Leadership Skills

So be a good leader but never a dominator, get things done but in way they should be and not in the way you want them to happen. Leadership helps in achieving goals as they give us the vision to look beyond the boundaries, make us feel confident and sow the seeds of hard work and determination. It’s not just a management function but an important mantra for life to be efficient and stand on our own when faced with a problem and steps involved in solving those problems.

It’s the personal will of a person to take this quality ahead and achieve something without which no multi-task will be fulfilled and the ladder of success will never be climbed. Be it office or home, leading will take you that path where never any human quality will take. The greatest of the greatest have failed yet achieved what they want a few years down the line. Be it a small group or large, learning this quality matters and above all that it makes you ready to face the challenges in the fast moving world.  So take it up as a challenge and get ready to improvise effective skills to tackle day to day problems.

Leadership is the efficient quality that can help a person to grow mentally, make him stubborn enough to deal with crises and handle bunch of people working under him. A person reaches the mark of efficient leader when he is efficient, versatile and capable. It’s essential for every person to lead as it is like a mirror showcasing our own flaws and how we can deal with masses. One voice becomes powerful when you have that quality, dedication and an omnipresent will to guide others to achieve a goal. It’s the leader who combats, represents the team and takes the blame for a failure. He is the one who is respected the most and with responsibility comes respect and vice-versa, so if you pass this test what else you want to become a successful leader!

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