3 Ways To Improve Customer Service By Using A Modern Business Telephone System

Many businesses are stuck using an old business telephone system. They think that if they get a new one, it will just cost them a lot of money. They don’t know the importance of upgrading the telephone system. It can improve customer service and increase sales. You can generate a steady income if you know how to use the features of a modern business telephone system. Small business owners know this. If you are a new entrepreneur, here are a few ways you can utilize a modern telephone system to improve your brand.

Find the Right Phone System

Before you expect your telephone system to do some magic, be sure that you have the right phone system. The right phone system will have the necessary features that you need to enhance your productivity. It will also boost your customer loyalty. Find a vendor that employs experts that understand the latest telephone systems. They will be able to answer your questions and allow you to make key decisions.

Your new system should also be easy and quick to install. You will be able to quickly achieve your customer service goals with the right telephone system.

3 Ways To Improve Customer Service By Using A Modern Business Telephone System

Improve Productivity with Live Screening

If your office is focused on giving the best customer service possible, sometimes it’s hard to keep focused because of the many calls that come your way daily. Vendors, partners and even family and friends call you up at the most unfortunate times. These callers can tie you up and take precious time from you and your staff. You may not know it but important customers may already be waiting impatiently to get serviced.

Modern phone systems have a live screening option that’s more than just caller identification. They can actually tell you the nature of an incoming call. You can use this information to bounce unproductive callers directly to voicemail. Your lines can stay free to accommodate callers and customers with legitimate concerns.

Unified Inboxes

New business telephone systems can convert voicemail into email. If you use a VoIP system, it will be easy for your system to do so. If all your employees’ voicemail will be sent to their email inboxes, they will find it easier to review the messages. They will also be more effective. Studies show that by being focused on one task or in this case, one inbox and not splitting their focus between email and voicemail, agents can more effectively handle customer complaints. By receiving the voicemails as text, customer service agents can easily pass the message to the appropriate department, supervisor or specialist. Having a unified inbox speeds up service.

Final Note

Remember that a business phone system does not have to be expensive for it to be effective. Take a look at what your company really needs and get those features. Features that boost productivity, cut customer waiting time and those that improve your profits are great features to have in your telephone system. Find one that fits your budget.

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