5 Reasons Why Brochures Still Matter In Marketing

Did you ever stop to consider that a website isn’t everything when it comes to effective business marketing? Of course every business needs a good quality website. Every company needs an attractive and relevant online presence. But it’s not all about the internet. Printed marketing materials still matter and none more so than the company brochure. Even if you love browsing the internet, you probably also love seeing things and holding things – you like to see objects before you buy, and you appreciate the chance to be offline once in a while. Brochures are an important part of the marketing mix – here’s why.

1. People Aren’t Always Online 

Contrary to popular belief, the world is not online 24/7. Sometimes your smartphone is out of battery, or you’re in a place where you can’t access the internet. Sometimes you choose not to log on. People still like to pick something up and read it – especially when they are on their “downtime” or in places where the internet is impossible to reach. For these moments a well-designed, interesting brochure will catch people’s attention.

5 Reasons Why Brochures Still Matter In Marketing

2. People Keep Brochures Longer

Most people tend to hang onto the paper copies much more than they care to put bookmarks on every internet page they visit. Your brochure could still be in their home months after the brochure printing was actually done. And it just takes one moment for someone to pick it up, read what you’ve written, and decide to take action. Beware, however – you need great quality and well-designed brochure printing and leaflet printing for people to want to hang onto your products.

3. Brochures Are Ideal for Face-to-Face Networking 

Again, not all networking takes place online. There are many times when you meet new contacts, potential new clients, and prospective business partners at events, in the bar, or in the office conference room. Here it is ideal to have something to hand to the person so they remember your conversation and can also find out more about what you are providing. You look professional and organised, and you don’t risk someone never navigating to your website even when they promise they will. Make sure you can seize the moment and get your brochure printing sorted out before the next big event or trade show.

4. It’s Another Point of Contact

It takes time to win trust and make people believe in your product, and it takes many different points of contact to ensure this happens. A brochure is one point in your marketing strategy and when it is completed professionally by printing companies who understand how important print media is, you have a valuable way of getting information to people and inspiriting them to find out more about you.

5. Easy to Read, Easy to Remember

The fact that not everyone gives out brochures nowadays is in your favour when your brochure is of excellent quality and interesting for your target audience. Brochures should be easy to read, simple just to pick up without having to log on or wait for a page to download, and therefore easy to remember. Put brochure design on your to-do list and wait for the opportunities to roll in.

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