5 Ways To Reel In Exhibition Attendees To Your Stand

Creating an incredible exhibition display is vital if you want to create a good impression and ensure you and your brand stand out at trade shows. After all, first impressions count! While you may have an outstanding service or product to offer, poor visual appeal and un-trained booth staff can steer prospects in another direction. Below, we have compiled a guide to attracting the right customers to your display.

5 Ways To Reel In Exhibition Attendees To Your Stand

  1. Maximize Your Space

Your exhibition display ought to take full advantage of your booth space, so always confirm the booth’s dimensions with the show organizers and capitalize on maximum height and breadth. If you don’t have the advantage of height with the exhibit, you may want to display your signage and logo across the exhibition hall with high arches in your display area, a high central tower, or even a truss with a rotating sign.

  1. Consider Text

When it comes to text on your stand, less is definitely more. Your wording should be to the point – it doesn’t need to be full sentences when a single word can be far more powerful at getting your message across. Also, consider larger fonts that can be seen clearly from a distance and ensure your text is placed on the top half of the exhibition so that it won’t block people visiting your display. Visit www.aspectexhibitions.co.uk and consult their experts about getting it right!

  1. Think About Graphics

A picture is truly worth a thousand words when it comes to the design of your exhibition display. Using the perfect images will help to convey your ideas impactfully and without needing tons of text. Life-size images are especially powerful. When choosing images, consider your target audience and what will garner their attention. Don’t forget to include your business’s logo to carry through your brand identity. Just like text, careful thought should be given to the size and placement of graphics.

  1. Don’t Forget the Lighting

Did you know that including lighting in your exhibition display is not an after-thought, but rather a highly effective method that can help increase traffic to the display and aid the effectiveness of your message and graphics? At its most basic, the right lighting will allow your visitors to clearly ready your text and see your images. On a deeper level, though, it will convey a particular image and atmosphere. It is also helpful when you highlight attention to a specific area of the stand and showcasing a service or product you may be launching at the show. A few creative uses of lighting include angled light boxes placed just at the entrance of the display to entice customers to your area. Coloured lighting creates a certain tone, too, while reinforcing your brand identity.

  1. Finally, Think About Materials

Picking the perfect materials can help to reinforce your brand image and create a mesmerizing design that will reel in attendees. For instance, if you own a high-tech and innovative business, brushed aluminium laminate panels or even chrome and silver detailing will show off a cutting edge and rather contemporary brand! If you prefer a more traditional look and feel, pick wood tones. You may also want to think about using fabrics which are ideal for separating your display into different areas.

By using these 5 tips for your exhibition display, you will be well-prepared to entice customers to your stand and turn prospects into payers!

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