Are You Getting Customer Service All Wrong?

Getting customer service wrong is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Customer service should be prioritised, as getting it wrong can lose you a whole lot of business. Happy customers will continue to come back for more. Did you know they can be worth as much as 10 times as their first purchase with you? It costs a lot more and is much harder to gain new customers than it is to keep older ones. The following things could mean you’re getting your customer service all wrong…

You’re Not Engaging With Your Audience on Social Media

Although you might think that this isn’t a part of customer service, it is. Customer service is all about how you make the customer feel, and if you ignore them on social media you’ll get a bad rep. Make sure you engage with your audience and people talking about you for the best results.

You’re Ignoring Comments from Unhappy Customers

Ignoring comments from unhappy customers is the worst thing you can do, whether it’s in real life or on social media. You must respond to them and resolve the issue to make them feel satisfied and victorious, otherwise you can kiss their loyalty goodbye.

You’re Using the Wrong Body Language

If a customer comes to you with a complaint in person, you can’t show them that you’re upset or disgruntled. Sure, it can be annoying, but you need to show them you’re more than willing to help.

You’re Not Apologising or Showing Empathy

You should apologise for the service a customer received, even if it is not your fault. You also need to show empathy, and let them know you understand the trouble this mistake must have caused them. This will make all the difference.

You’re Blaming the Customer

Sometimes, even if you don’t feel like you are, you may come across as if you’re blaming the customer for what has gone wrong. Avoid this at all costs. Do what you can to fix their issue, and take some stick for it even if you feel like it’s not your fault. Refusing to take the blame for any issues is not the way to get customers. Accepting your mistake graciously is how to attract customers!

Are You Getting Customer Service All Wrong?

You’re Not Communicating Properly

You must communicate what you plan on doing about the customer’s issue. They should be aware of all possible outcomes, and how you intend to move forward and keep them updated.

Does any of this sound like you? It won’t hurt to re-think your current customer service strategy and give it a revamp. Going the extra mile for your customers and giving them more than they expect in return will be a huge victory for them, and have them shouting your praises. Usually, this will need to be quickly arranged, as deals that take too long to negotiate will not be considered a victory. Also, refunds don’t usually encourage loyalty. Consider giving away a great free gift, lots of extras, or something else that could encourage them to come back to you. It doesn’t always have to be money! Concentrate on getting this service right, and you’ll struggle to fail.

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