Ask These Questions Before You Say Yes To A Digital Billboard

Are you considering investing in a digital billboard as part of your marketing efforts this year? One of the most important decisions you can make is the manufacturer to buy your billboard from. Before you agree to any products, here are some questions you must ask the manufacturer.

Ask These Questions Before You Say Yes To A Digital Billboard

  1. Are you a reputable company?

Does the company have referenceable customers, and will they show you some boards of previous work? There are plenty of manufacturers who claim to offer low prices, but there are other more important factors you should be considering. Find out about the company’s history, how long they’ve been in the industry, and where they manufacturer their billboards. Ask to see some of their work, too, preferably in operation.

  1. Do you offer a warranty?

A warranty is usually a decent indicator of how confident a manufacturer is about the product, and in turn how confident you ought to feel with the manufacturer. A longer warranty usually means that extensive testing is performed and that the manufacturer is prepared to stand behind their products should anything happen down the line. A good look at the company’s history will give you a good idea if they will be around long enough to fulfil their warranty. You should also speak to customers who have had billboards serviced by the company to determine if and how the warranty process is implemented.

  1. How are the billboards built?

The materials, construction and engineering used to make the digital billboards can have a big impact on the durability and quality of the board. You want quality boards likes the premium digital billboards offered by Bishopp that are designed to go the distance and extend the life of the product’s LEDs.

  1. Are the billboards easy enough to operate?

Considering that the value of your digital billboard is truly in the flexibility of the medium and how quickly it can change ads, it is important that the product comes with scheduling software that is quick and easy to use. So, find out if the software is included when you purchase the billboard or if you have to pay extra for it. Again, talk to customers to find out how intuitive the software is or isn’t and what kind of training is needed. You could even ask to try out the software when you meet with the manufacturer. That’s good way to learn about the artwork library that comes standard with the software package, too.

  1. Is there a service department?

A long-standing and dedicated service team is another positive indicator that a manufacturer truly supports their products. Don’t just assume that there’s a customer service department. Find out. For instance, find out if the support system will help with both before and after sales, what their service hours are and what their average lead time for solving problems is. Also, find out if the company does or doesn’t stock parts and how long it may take for them to deliver parts, should you need them.

By taking the time to ask the right questions, you’ll be better positioned to make the best choice when buying a digital billboard.

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