Going For Strong Fit With Brazing Metal

Engineering has gone a long way today and just one look at the modern tools and equipment are sure to show why this is true. Today, companies are producing batches of machines and machine parts of smaller dimensions to very big size as per the client requirement. In fact, whether the client company requires complicated machinery made from stainless steel or alloy, everything can be made easily by top Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide.

There are even few companies that offer to replace branded machine parts with the same level of accuracy and even offer brazing metal with ease. The process of soldering has been around since the time when metals were begun to be used in making equipment and machinery. But soldering is something different where two parts or two halves or joints of a machine part would be welded together by applying heat and melting the two corners to join them. But in case of brazing metal, the filler metal is filled in joining two metals and with high temperature.

Going For Strong Fit With Brazing Metal

Where Brazing Metals Rank High?

Brazing is a process – a capillary action that would be perfect for bringing in proper fit and helps in joining two metals using separate filler to act as a joint. With brazing gaps between .001 and .005 inch can be joined with ease. The filler metal is infused in this tiny gap and make the pieces joined together to become whole and seamless. This is a great aspect of engineering and yet, very few machine part manufacturer can do this.

However, before beginning the actual brazing work, the two parts of the metal have to be cleaned and you should make sure that no grease or dirt or any kind of contamination is on the surface. If the parts are dirty or contaminated, the brazing action cannot be done and it would not give you the strength that it should give. As a part of this process, fluxing is done whereby the metal parts are applied with a paste or cream just so that these main metal corners near the place where heat would be applied for brazing.

If you have slip fit assemblies or tube like, then assembling them or keeping them ready for brazing is easy. However, it is essential that you have all the parts ready. Now that the filler metals and the base metals are ready and fluxed, you shall begin by heating the metal parts and then the filler metal should be fitted accordingly. Whether the company uses any branded torch or not, the main focus should be on the temperature that is just right for the filler metal to fit like a glove. Once the filler metal is fixed, a little bit of heat at the edge of the filler metal and the tubes would guarantee that it will stand supported for a long time. Brazing metal these days is considered a viable option for HVAC fitting and assembling on any given day.

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