How To Use Your Web Design To Double Product Sales

Here at Entrepreneurship we get asked one question over and over again: how do I increase sales? It’s the cornerstone of so many companies and the holy grail of big businesses. These days there are more and more sellers than ever before. This is great for buyers and freedom of choice. However, it makes it harder for sellers to stand out.

How To Use Your Web Design To Double Product Sales

There are plenty of ways to help increase your sales, but today we’re looking at one in particular. We’re exploring the power and importance of web design. More importantly, we’re exploring how web design can actively increase your sales. Intrigued? Keep reading to find out more.

Put the Product Front and Center

The best web design is subtle and intuitive. It knows that the products are the single most important aspect and always puts them first. Your web design should be used to support the products, not overpower them. Create a simple, easy site that does everything it can to highlight the sale. Use stunning imagery to capture your wares and use large spaces to draw attention to them.

Make sure your Site Works on Mobile

More and more online shopping is taking place on mobile devices. Tablets, in particular, have become incredibly popular with shoppers. iPads and other tablets are dominating the ecommerce world. That means it’s essential you have a responsive web design. A design that adapts to smartphones, tablets and desktops will drastically increase your sales. Optimise the site for as many users as possible and you’ll capitalise on numbers.

Simple, simple, simple

Squeezing every product onto your site is no easy task. That’s why the most successful ecommerce sites are simple. It’s a fine art and one that your web designer should be able to assist with. Every aspect of your sales process should be simple. From browsing and searching through items to purchasing and checking out. Slowing down the process or overcomplicating things will result in high drop-off rates. That’s users fleeing before they buy.

Integrate Social Media

As an ecommerce site, your goal is to encourage loyal, regular customers. These are the cornerstone of your business. The best way to do that is to create a community using social media and digital marketing. Integrate your Facebook links, Twitter links and any other relevant social platforms. Ensure customers sign up to your emails and stay connected with you. That way you can feed them new promotions and make sure they keep returning.

Customer Reviews

One of your most difficult challenges as a new business is convincing people to make that first purchase. Customers are naturally wary of new names or unfamiliar websites. Customers like to know that others have used and approve of your service. Simple client or customer reviews and testimonials will often work well here. Scatter a few among your web design and watch the sales creep up.

You’ll never stop chasing bigger sales. As a business, you’ll always be looking for better ways to boost your product targets. Your first step is getting the web design perfect. Follow the advice here and your sales will begin to soar. Good luck!

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