New Technologies Used By Couriers These Days

Gone are the days when a parcel delivery to Romania would have a dozen odd points of entry and dispatch, manual entries and delayed synchronization of such entries and dispatches. Right from the pickup to the eventual delivery, most phases are synchronized in real time these days. From the scanning of the barcode at the dispatch center to the issuing of BOL number, everything gets uploaded in a central database and the entire cycle of parcel delivery to Romania or anywhere else in the world is phenomenally state of the art today.

New Technologies Used By Couriers These Days

Yet, not all companies use such fascinating new technologies. Many still resort to the old world practices. You may wish to discard such choices if you want efficient, quick and safe parcel delivery to Romania.

Here is a brief look at the kind of new technologies used by couriers like Courierpoint these days.

  • In accounting department, couriers use digital invoices, custom layouts, term flexible and digital BOL capture software. There are some state of the art barcode technologies such as location code identification and tracking, speed print labeling and chain of custody tracking. Electronic data interchange infrastructure used by couriers today comprise of mass import, real time reporting of correspondences and tracking along with two way transmissions. There are some technologies integral and often unique to courier companies like Such technologies include signature capture, real time PODs, vehicle load scan and delivery scan among others.
  • Then there is the typical GPS Technology, delivery reports, aged trial balance reports, accounts receivable/payable reports and job summary reports.
  • A courier company is completely at its own discretion to choose its own software and hardware. A courier company can have its own unique and customized ERP and CRM software or it can choose one from the numerous software available on the market. Some of the new technologies in the realm of software are OnTime 360, Express-Pak, Journease, Parcelhub Shipping Software, Courier Complete, AgileShip, AIMS International Express, Beetrack, Courier Connex, Courier Management System, Courier Service Toolbox, Courier Software, cPAQ, Datatrac Web, DISPATCH!, DTMS, e-nfo pack, erpCourier, FACTS, Freightistics, Global Tracker, Google Maps Coordinate, iCourier, Internet Dispatcher, InTransit, JAIX MetroLink, Live parcel tracking system, Local Area Delivery System and Logisuite among others.

While the cost and standards of shipping have always been the most important factors, technology is fast becoming a differentiator between average couriers and the finest courier companies. Should you need any quotes, you can check out

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