The Best Los Angeles PR Firms

Finding the right PR firm is tantamount to the success of not only that product you’re about to launch but also in the fact that your entire business and ancillary departments are banking on it. You exert mounds of effort on getting everything right, now it’s time to make an impression for the world to see. You know the rule here; the first one is the last one. So how do you make it count? Read on about some of the best Los Angeles PR firms have to offer.

The Best Los Angeles PR Firms

This list has been compiled using the prestigious ranking system employed by Insider News courtesy of O’Dwyer’s. The criteria they have used are pretty all-encompassing. When your books are in order, you pay your workers well; it is a sign that you had to get a lot of things right along the path naturally. Starting off at number 1 comes:


In the early fifties, 1952 to be exact; a war veteran turned reporter came up with an idea which would give a new meaning to excellence in PR. Dan Edelman laid the foundations for what has become a top rated PR company today. Edelman takes an all-rounder approach to PR rather than following the traditional paid media route, allowing their client and their products to blend in naturally with ever-changing PR landscape. Their success can be judged by the fact that their top 50 clients make for 50% of their revenue. This shows a focused and target mindset as opposed to divided and weakened priorities.

Davies Public Relations

Davies is ranked at number two but is by no means less than the best at what it does. They’ve got their priorities sorted out with four main thematic areas of interest. Those are environment, energy, and mining and lastly, the most dreaded, ‘crisis’. Every PR can make the good better, but when it comes to dealing with a situation gone south, not many can provide an effective overhaul. But Davies has got it all covered. Lastly, a little mention of their awards section should give you the idea. They won more than 20 awards in 2014 alone.

Zeno Group

Their CEO’s methodology says it all. This group doesn’t hesitate in challenging the norms and finding an altogether new solution to a problem. They have notable names in their clientage which means not only do they take risks, but also do they make it good. If you don’t mind taking out of the box approaches, this just might be your choice of a firm.


There are many Los Angeles PR firms, and almost every other firm has a good ranking in one way or the other. Therefore, the key is to identify your target area and scoop out the firm which has excelled in your area of activities. It’s not about the overall ranking as much as it is about hiring the pros of your field. Nonetheless, this article has set you on the track; now a little scouting around firms’ sites will help you make the final decision.

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