The Most Common Workplace Hazards and How To Combat Them

Running a business comes with all sorts of rules and regulations. Some of the most important of these are the Health and Safety laws. Putting your employees at risk could land you in some serious hot water. There can be a lot to remember when it comes to health and safety regulations in your workplace. It’s good to have everything covered, where possible. However, in order to make sure the most frequent of accidents don’t happen we’ve put together this guide. Here are the most common workplace hazards and how to combat them.

Slips and Trips

This is actually one of the most common accidents, full stop. However, if they happen in the workplace, then you may be liable for the accident. Which means you could have to pay compensation to whoever was injured. The best way to combat this is to ensure your office is always clean and tidy. Don’t let employees leave anything on the floor. Particularly things such as their bags. Keep all cables hidden away and covered, also. Even something such as poor lighting can increase the number of slips and trips in the workplace. Carry out a full health and safety assessment, to make sure there aren’t any obvious dangers.

The Most Common Workplace Hazards and How To Combat Them

Dangerous Substances

Most workplaces will have several hazardous products in the vicinity. Usually, these are cleaning products, but they can be other chemicals too. It is absolutely imperative that these do not get into the wrong hands. You should also make it clear that they’re not for people to touch or drink. It sounds strange, but it does happen. Where possible, keep all dangerous substances locked away. Make sure your employees are educated on the different symbols that can be found on these products. Only let those who are trained use any of these dangerous substances, even if they are just cleaning products.

Equipment and Machinery

You don’t have to work in a factory to have hazardous equipment lying around. Even something like a computer can be deemed as a hazard, if it hasn’t been regularly checked for faults. Make sure that you’re regular getting all of your machinery and equipment tested. Companies such as Pilz PUWER can carry out assessments, to ensure everything you use is safe. This is necessary if you want to keep your employees away from any dangers. If you haven’t been getting your equipment tested often, then you could be liable if anything were to happen.

The Most Common Workplace Hazards and How To Combat Them

Fire Hazards

Finally, the most dangerous of all the hazards. There are plenty of issues that can be deemed as a ‘fire hazard’ in the workplace. Do you have well-lit fire exits? Are they easily accessible? Do all of your staff know the fire alarm protocol? It’s important that you have regular fire safety training, to make sure everyone knows what they’re doing if there was an incident. You can even ask the local fire service to provide your employees with a demonstration if it’s something they offer.

These are the most common hazards in the workplace and some are unavoidable. Make sure you have all of the right health and safety measures in place, to prevent the worst from happening.

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