These Marketing Tricks Can Quickly Double Your Sales

Who doesn’t want to double their sales? It doesn’t matter if you’re a multi-billion pound organisation or a startup, chances are you want to make more money. The key is all in the marketing. If you don’t market your business correctly, then you’re unlikely to bring in leads. And leads equal sales. If it all seems like a bit of a minefield, then fear not. These marketing tricks can quickly double your sales.

These Marketing Tricks Can Quickly Double Your Sales

Make a Plan

What do you mean you don’t have a marketing plan? If you want to quickly double your sales, then you need to put a plan in place. It should include everything your competition is doing. Everything you’re doing. And, everything you want to do. Along with your budget and timescales. Having a plan in place will make it easier to track your progress.

Boost Your Social Media

Long gone are the days when every Facebook fan would see your post. You now have to spend money to make money. There are millions of users on social networking sites, so make use of the advertising options. Get your message out to more people. If you spend just a small amount each day, on social media marketing, then you’ll easily double your sales. You’re bringing in potential customers, who may never have seen your posts before.

Email Marketing

Many businesses still aren’t making the most out of email marketing. Which is a shame, as it’s an extremely quick way to boost sales. If someone has signed up to your newsletter, then they’re interested in what you’re selling. They’re a warm lead. You can then send out campaigns that will encourage them to buy. The trick is in getting people to sign up in the first place. There’re loads of ways to make this happen. Once they’re hooked, they will be much easier to sell to.


If you sell quite a lot of products, don’t just rely on your website to show them all off. Although many people think print marketing is dead. That doesn’t apply to catalogues and brochures. People like to hold something in their hands. Look at the products in detail. And have something to keep hold of. Catalogue printing doesn’t need to be expensive. And, it can be extremely useful for those who have plenty of products on offer. Make sure you’re dropping catalogues off through the right doors, however. Otherwise, it could be a costly marketing technique that yields no profits.

Spy on the Competition

Who are the biggest competitors in your field? What are they doing that you’re not? Perhaps they’re investing in a robust PPC campaign. Maybe they’re interacting better with customers on social media. Whatever it is they’re doing, do it better. Set up Google Alerts that will let you know if they’ve been mentioned anywhere. If it’s in an article, then contact the writer. Could they feature your brand, too? Most journalists will be happy to feature more than one company so as not to appear biassed.

Try out each of these tricks and find out what works for you. It may be that just one of these methods brings you in extra sales. It may be that a combination of all five does. Either way, you’re likely to draw in more business.

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