Top 3 Benefits Of Newsletter Marketing!

One of the biggest problems businesses face is how to reach their customers, and keep them once they have them. Using a newsletter has proven to be one of the most cost-effective solutions that deliver information directly to your customers’ computers! Although using newsletters seem old-fashioned, its use as a type of email marketing is quite effective. Newsletters not only allow you to reach your customer, but it lets you maintain contact with them on a regular basis…weekly, monthly or even quarterly.

Top 3 Benefits Of Newsletter Marketing!

Newsletters keep your customers and prospects interested and engaged in your business. It’s important to know your target audience, and how to appeal to their interests. Obviously, if your newsletter content does not interest them, they won’t read it.

Here are the top 3 benefits of newsletter print marketing:

1. Increased Coverage – When someone signs up for a newsletter, it is because they are interested in that product or service. Newsletters often provide special promotions such as exclusive offers or discounts that apply only to those that receive the newsletter. Sending your newsletter to your current, as well as prospective, customers via email is an effective, yet inexpensive means of communication. Its goal is to distribute relevant information to customers that meets their needs. And because of its portability, it can be shared instantly with family, friends, and coworkers.

2. Knowledge – Businesses often use newsletters as a way to provide valuable information or increase awareness about their company and their products or services. They may be only aware of a limited part of your business, but a newsletter allows them to be more informed. In addition, businesses will oftentimes insert articles into the newsletter to discuss topics that are relevant to that business. When you provide articles, it allows you to show your expertise to prospective customers, publishers, and other sources. People who read and respond to your newsletter are better enlightened about your business.

3. Simplicity – Newsletters are not only cost-effective, but they are quite simple to design. Tashi Nibber, Managing Director of US Global Mail, states “A newsletter doesn’t need to be lengthy. Providing short content and alluring imagery is highly recommended”. Designing newsletters is easier than designing catalogs, brochures, booklets, and pamphlets. The most important thing to remember is that most people are bombarded with emails on a daily basis, so your newsletter needs to stand out. This is easily done with images, fonts, and colors. Once you are set on your design, it’s easy to make a template to make it easier to use next time.

Newsletters have proven to be a very effective marketing tool. Keeping your current customers engaged means you have a better likelihood of keeping that customer for long-term. And that’s the secret to a successful business.

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