Using SMS For Marketing

There is no doubt that text messaging though the use of SMS can be used to promote organisations of all sizes, providing that it is harnessed the right way. Here we list five of the more important benefits of SMS marketing, which together might convince you to try it soon.

Using SMS For Marketing

Quick and Personal

A text message is not just any form of modern communication, it is one of the few that reaches just about everybody in the UK (and beyond), after all who does not have a mobile phone these days. However, the biggest advantage it has is that it acts as a direct line to customers and consumers, but one that is not as intrusive as a voice call.

So, if you want to have a quick impact on your potential customers, an SMS campaign is the very best way to proceed. You do however have to take into account is the timing of the messagethough, few people will appreciate being awoken by a SMS alert at midnight.

It Most Always Gets Through

Email is used a lot in marketing of course, but with the rise of spam filters, it can be difficult to get your messages through to your potential customers, even if they might be interested in the interactions and offers that you have available. At the moment, the same cannot be said to be true of text messages, automatic filtering not being to available / used by all.

This does not mean you can send anything out though, the quality of the content sent must be of the highest order, something that will engage the recipient and get them to take action, then and there.

Size of Market and Accessibility

Did you know that there are enough mobile phones for 90% of the people in the World to own at least one?With this in mind, in developed nations like the UK, you can pretty much say that just about everybody you will want to contact has at least one handset in their name.

This fact opens up a huge audience to any enterprise that wants to take advantage of SMS marketing. Something that together with the fact that many people are willing to part with their mobile number and receive promotional texts from firms they trust, means this type of engagement is one that we know customers do actively seek out.

It’s So Easy

The fact is that Text message campaigns can easily be managed in an integrated, interoperable manner using web-based Email to SMS systems, these streamlining the process of sending, receiving and monitoring mobile communications.

Because of all this, it is very easy to make contact with your customers (or potential customers) at those critical points in their relationship with your business. This makes for the maximum impact, whilst the systems allow you to archive and analyse the responses, something that should reap benefits in the long term..

Maximum Engagement

With most marketing models being passive ones, it is very hard to assess their effect. This is not the case with an SMS campaign, this not being a simple a one-way conduit between a business and its customers, but a two-way street that allows both to communicate and one that actively encourages reciprocal engagement.

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