4 Tips For Managing A Remote Team

Do you run a remote team? Studies have shown that remote workers can outperform local groups and that they’re more engaged with their work. But these statistics do not mean that there aren’t any significant challenges with managing a group of remote workers. It requires great organization and cohesiveness to get everyone on the same page. If you want to ensure that your business sees positive results using virtual employees, then here are 4 tips for managing a remote team.

4 Tips For Managing A Remote Team

Use the right collaboration tools to get the job done

There are so many collaboration tools out there to help remote workers collaborate on team projects. Make sure that your company uses online chat rooms, video conferencing, project management tools, and collaboration tools like Google Drive to get the job done. With collaboration tools, your virtual employees can work from anywhere around the world and still access everything they need to succeed. Determine which tools you want to use in your business, and train your employees about using each tool and how to keep information organized for all other team members.

Create consistent work hours for your whole team

There should be a few hours out of the day that team members work together, regardless of which time zone they’re currently in. Establish consistent work hours that promote collaboration, while also remaining flexible. It’ll improve how quickly you take each project from start to finish, and as a project manager you can check in with everyone on your team throughout the workweek. There are many applications available like Timely that help with scheduling employee’s work days.

Have a central office where employees can meet

Even though you have remote workers, you also want a central location where your virtual workers and customers can meet. It’s good to get your virtual staff to meet in the same location a few times a year, plus it allows everyone to meet face-to-face and build relationships. Locate a good office for rent to create a centralized location. If you’re looking to cut down on costs, you can also search for a co-working office space like Common Desk. When virtual employees come to visit, they can use the shared office space to for meetings and receptions.

Follow a standard on-boarding process for all employees

It isn’t always easy to get all employees on the same page. Many are used to previous careers, and have yet to get used to your company culture. In order to help your newest virtual employees get adjusted to how your business works, you’ll want to create a standard on-boarding process. Each employee should go through this process to learn how your organization works, and what to do for help. This will create stronger employee relationships with your company and teach your staff the best processes to follow while working.

Managing a remote team isn’t complicated, once you have the right processes and tools in place. As long as your business is consistent with implementing these processes, you should have no problems getting all your remote employees to work toward a shared goal.

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