5 Frequently Asked Questions About Washington DC Storage Answered

People look for an adequate storage facility to meet their customized requirements in terms of temporary or long-term storage of goods. What we discuss here is not about the huge volume industrial warehousing needs, but something which the home owners need during the time of a house shift or so.

There are various Washington DC storage service providers out there which offer customized storage solutions to meet all types of residential and office storage needs. You can get storage spaces on rental based on your requirements ranging from keeping a few documents to large volume home items like furniture or appliances.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Washington DC Storage Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

While individuals look forward to availing storage solutions, there are many things which come across their mind from cost involved to security features of the providers. Here, we will try to answer a few such questions frequently asked by the storage service users.

 1. What all types of storage are available?

 The major two types of storage facilities are;

¨      indoor storage and

¨      Shed storage

Indoor storage is more secured temperature controlled settings with wall and floor insulation. If you are looking for environment sensitive items like documents, electronic appliances, or furniture, then indoor storing is essential. Shed storage may be prone to environment-related risks, but you can keep the rough items, which are not so sensitive in such a storage space that is less costly.

2. Will I get an insurance?

The small-scale local storage units may not provide insurance, but the professional Washington DC storage services offer comprehensive insurance coverage. You need to check whether the provider offers protection against environmental damages, fire, water, smoke, and tornado. Also check if the insurance cover burglary too. Always make sure that items as jewelry, precious stones, stamps, art collections etc. are insured while storing.

3. What size of storage I need?

It will be based on the volume of items you plan to store. Getting your items packed in standard size boxes will give you a clear picture about the space needed in terms of square feet and get an ideal storage package. Take care not to overpay for your space and also ensure you get adequate space for all items without congestion or damage. It you are not sure about how to estimate it, the storage service providers can pay a visit to your venue to assess the need to give you an estimate.

4. What sort of a contract is signed?

You must check all aspects of the contract including duration, cost involved, insurance coverage, and other terms and conditions. Some storage units also will be demanding an up-front security deposit, which is refundable. Ensure that this is also mentioned in your contract so that you can claim it when the contract expires.

5. For how long I can store?

The rental period may vary from one month to one year in a single contract. Most of the times, if you want to extend the storage above an year, the contract needed to be renewed. There is no upper limit for the storage duration as far as you renew the contract and make the payment, which may increase from time to time when you renew contracts.

One thing to always keep in mind that all the Washington DC storage services are not the same, and you need to consider various aspects of the services in light of the feedback and reviews you get about the providers to choose the best.

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