5 Must-Have Camping Tools For Nature Lovers

If you love nature, then you’ve probably either been camping or want to go. As a nature lover and outdoors adventurer, you know better than anyone that preparation is the key to safety and success of a camping trip. You might spend all of your time in the great outdoors, or perhaps you work in an office that deals in property management and realty. Whatever the case may be, you still need to prepare for a camping trip, regardless of how much or how little experience you have. Read below on the 5 must-have camping tools for nature lovers.

Portable Water Filters for Ponds, Rivers, Creeks, & Streams

Water filters are portable now, like straws that you can keep in your backpack. They have built-in filtration systems that get the dirt and nastiness out of pond, river, creek, and stream waters, making it safe for you to drink. Invest in two [one for back-up] and keep them with you always.

Extra Canteens & Emergency Snacks

Regardless of if you are traveling alone or with someone, you need at least one extra canteen of water, and a few emergency snacks, like beef jerky, dried fruits, or roasted nuts. Try to get snacks that have plenty of carbs, fats, and proteins, because these are the nutritional elements that will keep your body going.

A Good Pair of Binoculars or an Awesome Camera

One of the best parts about being in nature is being able to see everything and take pictures of amazing things. You should invest in a good pair of binoculars, or an awesome camera with binocular vision, so you can see as much as possible and hold onto those memories.

Insulated Clothing in Case of Emergencies

You never know what will happen, so keep an extra pair of insulated clothing and reliable, comfortable, waterproof sneakers in your backpack. You should be able to stay warm [or cool] and trek for as long as you need to, with the right equipment. If you ever got lost in the woods, you would want to know that you can count on yourself to be prepared, be safe, and find your way back.

Camping can be lots of fun—no matter where you decide to pitch your tent and set up camp. However, you have to remember that in classic cases, you are alone in the woods, where anything can happen. Protect yourself and be prepared for any outcome with the aforementioned camping tools and backpack must-haves.

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