7 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs A Virtual Receptionist

For any business, answering the phone is important, and the restaurant industry is no exception as customers call to ask questions, make reservations and get directions.

7 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs A Virtual Receptionist

Restaurants need people who can handle the phones in the most professional way possible. Here’s how a virtual receptionist from US based Reception HQ can benefit your restaurant.

  1. It Saves on Employees

Many restaurants get rid off staff as soon as business is quiet. But, you need reservations via telephones. Which means you need someone on the clock to answer the phone. With a virtual receptionist, you don’t have to pay someone to sit in a quiet restaurant or have another member of staff taken away from their duties each time the phone rings.

  1. The Same Service for Multiple Locations

If you have several restaurants, you have to pay multiple staff to answer your phones. With a virtual receptionist, you can have all your incoming calls for all the restaurants answered in a single location.

  1. Virtual Receptionists Have Time

When your manager or hostess has to answer calls, they may have other tasks they are rushing to get back to, which means they may be giving short answers on the phone and not giving your patrons the time they deserve. A virtual receptionist can answer the phone and take care of the caller’s queries or needs without leaving them feel rushed.

  1. Better Serve Your Guests

When hostesses and managers are in a rush, they may forget to ask your patrons if they will be celebrating a special occasion. A virtual receptionist will ask all the necessary questions and provide you with the answers so that you can better serve your guests.

  1. Streamline Takeout Orders

Many restaurants employ a dedicated staff member to handle takeout orders for their entire shift. It’s a busy job taking calls, getting the orders through to the kitchen and making sure everything is ready before the customer arrives. Now you can have all your takeout orders go through the virtual receptionist. They will send the order via your system to your kitchen. All your team will have to do is put the order together.

  1. Handle Follow Ups and Feedback

If you want to boost your business, you can make use of a virtual receptionist to make follow up calls and seek out customer feedback. They can call customers who recently made reservations to find out how the food and service were and offer special discounts.

  1. Useful Data

With your calls going via a virtual service, you will get all the raw data, such as call volumes at specific times of the day or even month. This type of data helps you plan your staffing and can ultimately save you money from over staffing.

There are plenty of advantages for a restaurant to use a virtual receptionist service. No more over-spending on employees and the opportunity to turn your phones over to professionals who can help your business grow.

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