A Reading List for Tech Entrepreneurs: For Business Success in 2019

Are you launching your new start-up business this year? To help ensure you’re equipped with some of the most important elements of surviving in the business world, we have a great reading list for you. These include a selection of books offering top advice, from how to interact effectively to making informed decisions and more. Browse the list and decide which book is going to be your first read…

The Upstarts

Brad Stone’s has written a very smart book, offering great insights into two of the globe’s biggest businesses: Uber and Airbnb. You’re now an entrepreneur and this book will help you make a standout brand that people will remember. From how people travel to what they expect from accommodation, Uber and Airbnb are true innovators that have altered consumer behaviour. What can your business do to change the world?

Conscious Capitalism

Capitalism… have you got a view on it? This book may help you to develop and question your own current understandings on capitalism. Can it actually be a good thing or, is it always just a way for the rich to become richer? This read looks to dispel the theory that capitalism is only for the ‘people at the top’.

There’s much to be gained from learning to relate better with people you meet in the business world. This is a skill worth honing. With details about UPS, Google and Amazon, Conscious Capitalism looks at infusing your business with positivity and a good workplace culture.

Building a momentum of creativity and innovation within a new tech start-up is important. Conscious Capitalism will help you achieve this and steer your business to a positive future that not only turns a profit, but also attracts quality employees who are looking for a positive place to work and develop their skills.


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