An Ultimate Guide about Pet Waste Station – Its Importance and Benefits

Basically, a pet waste station is one of the most affordable as well as feasible solution to keep the streets, parks, apartments and residential properties clean. They are designed as a stand-alone unit that can serve as a good reminder to your visitors and your family members to pick their pets and maintain a clean look of the commercial place.

They may vary in design and materials, but are comparatively small. They can be located easily in ground and they can withstand all weather conditions.

Why Pet Stations Are Important?

The waste from your dogs can be very unpleasant especially when lingering around your property. It not only emanates unpleasant scent, but can also be very undesirable for residents, visitors, and other people around. It is shown that a single gram of the dog feces contains about 23 million bacteria.

Most of these bacteria are considered as zoonotic. It means that they can play a major role in spreading infection via other canines as well as humans. Moreover, children and elders are most likely to get infected since they have weak immune systems.

We have been hearing many cases where small children have unknowingly made contact or slipped over pile of dog wastes in the public area. As a result, they may even become partially blind due to the parasites that can infect their retina.

The feces can attract great amount of mosquitoes and rodents that can even further spread other diseases. It can consequently make a harmful place for your visitors, residents, as well as potential customers. You can visit know how the pet stations can benefit you.

How to select just the right type of setup?

The most important factor to look for when buying a pet waste station is the kind of bags that it will use. Basically, there are two kinds of waste bags, the single pull and the Roll-style bags. The roll-style bags resembles dispensers in the grocery stores. This can be an inexpensive option since the cost per bag can be remarkably low.

On the other hand, the single pull bags aren’t attached to one another. They may seem to be a costly option, but most of the people tend to take only one bag at an instant when more than one bag can be taken when the roll-style bags are provided.

Another major difference is that the roll-style bags can typically be stored in the higher quantities as compared to the single pull bags. It is advisable that locations with high dog walking traffic like recreational parks or dog parks should make use of the roll-style bags to prevent chance of dispenser running out.

The apartment complexes or the office parks may use the single-pull bags since they may possibly have less number of dogs coming through. Plus, most of the walkers may already have their own bags.

Make sure to maintain the pet stations properly by assuring that they remain functional as well as clean. Plus, ensure to keep the supply of the dog bags steady and the liners to be ready at all time.

To conclude, the best decision you can ever make for your property is to go for a pet waste station. Just choose the right type and the location of them to get healthier and cleaner surroundings.

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