Are you in the middle of your UPSC preparation? UPSC examination is taken by those who want to attempt civil service examination for IAS, IPS and other positions. Do you know that you might be doing a lot of mistakes in this preparation?


a) Yes, you have many years to take up the examination. However, it does not mean that your UPSC exam preparation can take as much time as you want. Keep a time frame.

b) Do not believe every advice which you get when people know that you are in the middle of preparing for UPSC examination. Analyze each advice and determine which advice to take up.

c) You already have hundreds of books for the examination and should you buy the new edition for UPSC 2015 preparation? The answer is both yes and no. The new edition might have new sections. Check whether you need the new section or not before you shower your money for the new book.

d) While choosing subjects, always choose the ones which you like and also the one that is easy to score. After three or four attempts, do not try to change the options.

e) No matter whether you are using UPSC preparation online materials or a coaching centre, always choose the best ones. If your source is not reliable, the information and the knowledge you gain from them would be questionable.

f) Do not waste your attempts by attempting it immediately. It would take at least 10-12 months to prepare for the first attempt. In same manner, do not postpone the attempts to prepare perfectly. The term ‘perfect’ never exists.

g) There may to too much to manage. You should always make a schedule and stick to it.

Joining a coaching centre is a must for proper guidance. But, do not join an institute just because you see a good advertisement, endorsing it. You need to analyze three or four institutes and choose the best among them. Just because a previous year topper had enrolled in an institute, it does not mean that it is a good one. You might not know for sure whether that topper continued in that institute or simply enrolled, found the institute to be worthless and left. Meet the teachers and talk to them. Learn about the choice that you are about to make. You would need back to back tests to master the subjects. The coaching centre that you choose should not just be a classroom. It should be a place where you can review and evaluate yourself.

Are you someone who is preparing for UPSC to pass away time? Are you planning to take up UPSC to get any government jobs in any sector? If the answer to both the questions is no, then you are a serious aspirant. A serious aspirant would need a qualified coaching centre like Byju’s classes. Byju’s classes provides the cat coaching app which includes video lessons for cat topics.
This is the place where experienced teachers would teach basic concepts of your syllabus and then move to advanced level along with back to back test series to evaluate where you stand and your weak areas.

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