Awesome Advice For Planning Your Next Company Conference

Presuming you run a reasonably large business, you will almost certainly consider arranging conferences in the future. They are a fantastic way to let all your employees know how things are going, and you can also inform them of any plans you might have made. The conference could be the perfect opportunity to undertake some last minute staff training in too. Don’t worry if you’ve never organised such an event before. Most of the steps you need to take are pretty simple to be honest. We’re going to do our best to point you in the right direction and ensure that you have a good idea of what it is going to take.

Awesome Advice For Planning Your Next Company Conference

  • Finding the Perfect Venue

Your choice of venue means a lot when it comes to creating a conference your staff are going to find useful. There is no point in asking hundreds of workers to pack themselves into a room that simply isn’t big enough. Likewise, you don’t want to select anywhere too large because the space will appear empty. When working out the location, you should aim to select somewhere that is as close to the middle of all your business interests as possible. That way, most people will have to travel the same distance to attend.

  • Plan Your Day

Once you’ve found and hired the best venue, you will need to start planning your day. It’s a good idea to give a speech to kick everything off, and so now is the time to get it written. As we discussed, providing updates and information about the future is commonplace at such events. You also might consider hiring some respected motivational speakers from the world of business. By searching online, you should find lots of famous and credible entrepreneurs who are willing to speak to your crowd. They will provide an interesting speech and relay some advice about becoming more productive at work. Their knowledge could change attitudes and encourage people to go the extra mile in the coming months.

  • Send Invitations Early

It would be nice if all your employees managed to attend the conference, but some of them will struggle due to family commitments. To make sure you have the biggest turnout possible, you should create and send your invitations at the earliest possible opportunity. Make sure you include a RSVP slip so you can get an idea of how many people will arrive on the day.

  • Provide Food

You can’t expect people who attend your conference to come with a packed lunch. You also shouldn’t expect them to reach into their pockets at half time. Finding a good catering company is not difficult, and the people who run the venue will make recommendations. There is no need to spend thousands on Michelin star chefs, but you should provide some jacket potatoes at the very least.

The only other thing you might like to think about is booking some entertainment for the evening time. Presuming the people attending your conference have travelled a long way, they are probably staying in nearby hotels. That means they won’t have much to keep them occupied after the event reaches its conclusion. Consider hiring a pub or something similar to look after them at the end of the day.

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