Buy Used C Arm from a Reputed Refurbishing Company to Save Money

Buy Used C Arm from a Reputed Refurbishing Company to Save Money

C Arm is one of the most advanced equipment used in the medical sciences today. It is used in surgeries to minimise complications during surgery. This mobile fluoroscopic imaging system gives precise and accurate imaging during the surgery itself. By using C Arm, doctors are able to treat the patients in the most efficient way. Due to minimal invasion, patients experience less pain and the out-patient care is also better and easier.

Refurbished C Arm:

This hi-tech medical appliance is quite expensive and so many hospitals prefer to use refurbished C Arms. You can find some reliable used C Arms at Pacific Health USA. On purchasing a refurbished C Arm from a reliable company, you can be assured that there will not be any instances of malfunction. The entire refurbishing process is carried out in a meticulous step-by-step way to ensure that perfectly functional C Arm leaves the shop floor. It is a medical appliance and the minutes of faults can cost someone’s life dearly.

To understand the C Arm refurbishing better, here are some of the steps involved in the elaborate process:

  • Used C Arm is extensively cleaned up.
  • The instrument is tested and the corresponding reports generated to find out the faults, if any.
  • All the faults and repair work on the external body will be carried out
  • All pre-existing patient data will be erased
  • It is completely dismantled to check all internal parts, disinfected and repaired internally.
  • The monitor and batteries are disposed off and replaced with new ones.
  • Different parts are moved to different service areas for checking.
  • Any tapes, labels etc will be removed
  • All dents and scratches are repaired and fresh coat of primer is applied to all parts
  • All brakes, handles, locks are checked and replaced.
  • 2 coats of polyurethane paint is applied
  • Wheels are checked and replaced.
  • All the cables are cleaned up
  • The C Arm is reassembled only after all the parts have been separately checked and quality approved
  • The X-Ray tube is one of the most important part of the appliance and is thoroughly checked. In case of quality issues it is replaced
  • Many dummy tests are performed to check the efficient functioning of the C Arm.

Only after the C Arm has gone through the lengthy refurbishing process and passes every quality test is it ready to be shipped.

What to Check For When Buying a Refurbished C Arm:

Although most companies ensure that used C Arm goes through a thorough process of refurbishing but as a consumer it is your responsibility to make an informed choice.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying a used C Arm:

  • Do not just examine the C Arm externally but also check to ensure proper functioning.
  • Check every individual part of the C Arm carefully and in detail.
  • Make sure that all the parts have been individually cleaned up, damaged parts repaired and wherever required replaced with new parts.
  • Find out about the warranty cover given by the company.
  • Before purchasing, ask for a test run.
  • Once you receive the C Arm in your premises, check the inventory carefully against the contract.
  • Make sure that it is the same C Arm that you finalised.
  • Connect the unit, start-up and have a test run.

It is important to take your time in accessing, checking and finalising a used C Arm. Do not rush into making a decision, as it is an important instrument and must be in perfect condition.

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