Common Terms To Know- Web Design: New Jersey-Part 1

Many companies are always looking forward to bring something new to their websites, which is why they often consider designing and even re-designing their company websites to attract consumers.

However, even through the professional who will be making the web design for your website knows what he/she is doing, it is important for you to know what they are doing too. This is why it is important to learn common web designing terms just like you did with graphic design earlier.

301 Redirect

301 redirect is a redirection of one URL to another, permanently. This shows up usually when an old website shifts to a new URL. 301 redirects help divert the traffic that comes to an old URL to the new one so that there is no inconvenience for both the customers and browsers. This can also be done for pages as well. For example, if the page was changed to then, you will be automatically diverted to the new page if you selected the old one. This is important to know if you require a web designer in New Jersey to change the URL or page locations.

Common Terms To Know- Web Design  New Jersey-Part 1

404 Error

You must have seen 404 Error sometime; this usually comes up when an individual is trying to access a page which is no longer in existence. Sometimes, this error comes up when there is a miss-spell or typo in the URL inserted. For example, instead of searching for you insert; you may come across a 404.

Our web design experts strongly feel that the reason of the page not being found should be provided to visitors, and how they can find your website should also be explained so that they will not lose their trust in your services.

ALT Attribute

This term is used when you are specifying an alternatives text that is being displayed in an image placeholder, while the page is still loading. SEO and ADA use these texts so that there can be accessibility to the website from different locations around the world through keyword optimization.

Break Points

Breakpoints are small breaks when the content on a website slightly adjusts itself so that the user has no problems in reading or going through it. Often, when a smaller device is used to access a website, not through its mobile mode, these breakpoints become active and help the overall web design of the website adjust to the screen of the device.

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