Common Terms To Know- Web Design: New Jersey-Part 2

In the first part, you learnt about common web design terms, here are some more terms you will come across while working with a professional from Webtye on web designing in New Jersey.

Common Terms To Know- Web Design:  New Jersey-Part 2

Call to Action (CTA)

Calls to actions are contexts, images, button, or banners that encourage consumers to reply, comment, or response in an action. Normally, CTAs encourage the consumers to click on a website to learn more information, get discounts, take polls, or reply, even talk to a representative. These encourage a predetermined action from the consumer. Often, it can encourage downloading a special preview or registration form, etc.


Cookies are small files that carry anonymous unique identifiers and information from websites sent from a browser. These files (cookies) are stored on the hard drive. The can provide important information to the designer for the web design he/she will make. For example if you had an image in mind to use as a reference, but you cannot find it, you can access the temporary files and get the source.

Content Management System (CMS)

CMS Software is used to control the content present on the website. The web designer and any individual who has access can login in the backend of the website and edit, delete, or add information to keep it updated. It is important to have all consumers aware if there are any new changes, or updates, because it will contribute towards their experience on your website.


When a user takes a certain action towards marketing or lead generation, like submitting a form, request for information acceptance, even subscribing to a daily, weekly, monthly newsletter, this is known as conversion. It is important for the web design of these options is decorative and innovative so that consumers are encouraged to click on these options. By doing so, you get a potential lead, which can soon become a buyer.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

CSS are codes used by developers to help determine how the final look of the page should appear as when a user is online. The overall look, layout, design, the web design used for the page, every detail is set in a specific way so that the user can have an experience they will enjoy when they visit. The simpler, less complicated, and straight forward the codes will be, the more the user will find the website easier to understand.

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