Compensation Amount Offered For Pre-employment Test Injuries

Pre-employment testing refers to the testing or processing before the start of employment. It proves one’s accomplishment or suitability before an employee begins a new job. These tests are the best ways of determining how an employee will perform while he or she is on-the-job.

Compensation Amount Offered For Pre-employment Test Injuries

The pre-employment tests, which work well, are created after a lot of research and background work. The best pre-employment tests are created in such a way that they are valid and reliable.

Validity of Pre-employment Testing

Validity of a pre-employment actually measures the level of accuracy to which a person can perform a job. For example, if a job is based on team work or problem solving, then the pre-employment testing measures if the applicant is suited for team work and likes it or not.

Reliability of Pre-employment Testing

Reliability of a pre-employment test means that if a candidate is reliable, then what it is supposed to measure. For example, if an applicant takes pre-employment test one day and takes the same test a month later, then the scores should be the same on both occasions.

Types of Pre-employment Tests

Pre-employment tests are of the following types,

  • Behavior tests help you to predict the personality traits and interpersonal skills of a person. Personality traits include testing of poise under pressure, levels of optimism and calmness in face of pressure. Interpersonal skills mostly include friendliness and teamwork capabilities of a person.
  • Dependability tests help you predict many important factors like honesty on test, work ethics, impulsiveness, stealing or theft concern and substance abuse concern.
  • Mental ability tests help one test cognitive and job related mental capabilities of an applicant like problem solving ability, vocabulary ability, arithmetic ability and ability to handle small details with speed and accuracy.

Injuries Suffered during Pre-employment Tests

Certain jobs require a great degree of physical involvement. Hence, the pre-employment tests for these jobs will also include physical exercises like lifting heavy weights. There are many chances that a person might suffer injuries during this pre-employment test. Most companies offer a compensation for the treatment of these injuries.

There are many work injury lawyers Los Angeles who are willing to offer their help to those who have been injured during pre-employment tests in getting the compensation fees to which they are entitled.

For example, a woman who had applied for this company, where she would have to put in quite a bit of physical effort, had to undergo a pre-employment test. During the test, she injured her neck while lifting some weights. She did not mention the injury during or immediately after the test, because she feared that she might lose the job.

A few weeks later she was diagnosed with a critical neck injury and told that she would have to undergo a neck surgery as well. The company was not ready to pay a compensation amount, because she was not serving the company when she got injured, but the company eventually succumbed when the case was taken to the court.

Thus, pre-employment test injuries should be compensated by the recruiting companies.

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