Digital Billboards Bring Your Advertising To Life

The use of an LED display billboard means being able to dynamically advertise your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by the use of a unique and eye-catching video display. That type of billboard offers companies an outstanding way to advertise and includes a low ownership cost, professional installation, savings on energy due to using single phase power and a low energy consumption because of an average 20 percent less power usage than that required by other LED manufacturers, and an extended operating life with maintenance by an exceptional service staff.

Digital Billboards Bring Your Advertising To LifeThe billboard panel is completely self-contained, is 50 percent lighter in weight than the old cabinets, and is corrosion-resistant and waterproof. The screens are high-resolution digital displays using ultra-bright high-resolution diodes that show live or recorded images indoors as well as outdoors regardless of what the weather is like. Video panels deliver optimized color performance even under direct sunlight conditions and utilize the latest LED technology. The video controller software allows the orchestrating of dynamic images from any available sources and gives the best possible cinematic performance with a powerful impression to the customers.

Take advantage of well-experienced and reputable teams and management with their vast experience in custom solutions involving the design, advertising, marketing, sales, and leading-edge technology regarding revolutionary LED lighting systems.

You can wisely choose video billboards by Ultravision, a leading manufacturer, distributor, and innovator of custom UltraPanel LED lighting and LED display products proudly made in the United States. As one of the foremost digital billboard manufacturers in the world, they provide the best and brightest LED display options for a wide range of industries around the globe with their high-efficiency digital video displays, electronic scoreboards, and more.

An additional and upgraded product is their UltraPanel Spectaculars, which are full-wall massive displays in different sizes that vastly increase the number of eyes that are drawn to your messages.

Contact Ultravision International’s knowledgeable sales specialists to discuss in-depth product information and which of the billboards would be ideal for your business’ location and specific needs.

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