Famous VPN Service Providers ExpressVPN Evaluation Report

ExpressVPN to word of mouth has been very good, in many foreign countries are among the top 10 rankings, and often wish I could have friends for ExpressVPN evaluation. It has been abroad for less VPN evaluation, because in general prices are abroad VPN will be relatively high, but with the increasing demand of users, small series will continue in the future to provide more overseas VPN service provider evaluation report. Before report I suggest you to read full ExpressVPN Review from Best VPN Provider.

ExpressVPN Introduction

Famous VPN Service Providers ExpressVPN Evaluation Report

ExpressVPN abroad is a very professional VPN service providers in the VPN security, speed and stability have a very good guarantee. With the “prism door” broke out, the more we should pay attention to personal privacy on the Internet, is not it? (Here it is just a joke, all security is relatively safe, there is no absolute security)

ExpressVPN which Excels:

(1) Compatible with most major desktop and mobile systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android; and all with private clients, the operation is very terms, without any complicated settings;

(2) support for UDP, TCP, L2TP / IPSec and SSTP protocols;

(3) VPN server covering 78 countries or regions, 1000 Article 20 server line;

(4) 7 * 24 hour service, Email support and online customer service, experience a bit small series specifically their quality of service, speed of response is very fast.

ExpressVPN Package

ExpressVPN packages only three, namely, monthly payment, pay semiannually and annual pay package of the three-month average price of 12.95 dollars, 9.99 dollars and 8.32 dollars. Relatively few domestic VPN service providers, is still relatively high, but the contrast PureVPN , iVPN and of Switch VPN (the other two Xiaobian been recommended excellent VPN service providers), the price difference is not.

Whether foreign VPN package worth the price issue? Xiao Bian think is a matter of opinion, if you look only occasionally on twitter, facebook, and that many domestic cheap VPN is sufficient, but if you need frequent on some foreign sites are blocked, these professional VPN is obviously preferred, it is also many domestic VPN users conclusions.

Or we change to another point of view, talk about the value of their VPN, VPN talk about added value, and to know that most foreign VPN will provide 24/7 service, and this is most foreign VPN services can not be done , in addition to the refund system problem, E xpressVPN support a refund within 30 days , which is the domestic VPN are also difficult to achieve. There ExpressVPN client-side support for system-wide, over many VPN servers, etc.

ExpressVPN velocity Reviews

Use Speedtest.net for ExpressVPN decimation line test, the main test is the line the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore region, as to what other Romania, Germany, Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal …… Xiao Bian is not tested them one by one, the line as much, really make life difficult for themselves.

From speedtest.net test run, quite satisfactory, with most VPN connection is similar to the Asian route, ping value is obviously a great advantage, as the upload and download speeds are the same. The most fundamental factor in the user’s ISP provider, we understand that China Telecom will be the advantages of VPN user connections abroad will be much larger, Unicom and mobile networks are small series has recently been used, is not to force.

Followed by the use ExpressVPN watch YouTube videos, 720P in small series broadband absolutely hopeless, but most do not exist in 480P problem. I personally think that if the connection is to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia and other lines, 480P guess enough to choke.

Download speed to provide test Test linode found wandering in basic 100-150kb / s, it can not go down to rise.

The above test results are based oilfield broadband (I do not know what broadband), are for reference only.

ExpressVPN Client

Famous VPN Service Providers ExpressVPN Evaluation Report

One of the best use of the VPN client is my client ExpressVPN used, simple to use, users without complex settings. Xiao Bian ExpressVPN client brief:

First you need to buy ExpressVPN packages, after the purchase is completed you will get a client activation code, you need to enter the activation code to work properly ExpressVPN client;

After installing ExpressVPN client, run you will find a complete list of servers, you just need to double-click the server to connect, very convenient; you can also click Auto-connect to best location, the client will automatically connect to the best server.

You can also click Options in the upper-right corner to select custom settings specified connection protocols, including UDP, TCP, L2TP / IPSec and SSTP; speed test and view logs.

Of course ExpressVPN also provides client Android, iOS and MacOS systems, where small series is not introduced one by one.

If you believe ExpressVPN stability and security, and requires a lot of IP, ExpressVPN undoubtedly is a good choice, but if you want to play online games, ExpressVPN may not be able to meet your needs. Although the above small series for the corresponding test, but small advice or personally tested prevail, since ExpressVPN support 30-day money, why do not want to buy used satisfaction to continue to go on it, we are not satisfied with the refund bin.

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