Few Facts On Solar Energy That Help You In Assessing Its Potentiality

There should be an end to the use of non-renewable resources, which to some extent are the reasons behind the environmental pollution. Solar energy is one of the most important sources, which can somehow minimize the problems. Being one of the best suppliers of power, it can be used to operate all the electrical appliances.

We have seen that most of the countries have now realized the importance of using solar energy. This has made them exploit the resources extensively. If an environmentally friendly source of energy is available in the form of a solar energy, then why do we need to go for the non-renewable sources?

People are installing solar panels in their houses. There are many options available in the market to buy the product. You should be smart enough to judge the products available and choose the best alternatives among them. Solar Orange Countyis highly suggested of the many solar panels distributors if you require the best product and service.

People confine the solar energy into a solar panel, which is not true at all. A solar panel is just a part of the solar energy. There are a lot of things which we do not know about the solar energy.

Few Facts On Solar Energy That Help You In Assessing Its Potentiality

Here are few facts about solar energy

  • You can get plenty of energy for free which can be connected to the modern technologies like photovoltaic, solar heating, artificial heating, solar architecture etc.
  • Photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors are the active solar technology whereas room for air circulation and orientation of space to use sunlight are the passive solar technology
  • Of the 174 petawatts incoming radiation, 30 % of it is reflected back to space and rest are absorbed by oceans, clouds, and lands
  • It is the reason behind the evaporation of the water creating clouds which come in the form of rain
  • Green plants convert the solar energy into chemical energy that produces biomass creating fossil fuels
  • Without the use of electricity solar energy can make brackish or saline water. It can purify water.
  • Solar energy plays a vital role in household task from drying up dress to cooking
  • Solar power can be created by the use of solar energy similar to the process of converting solar energy to electricity
  • Solar energy can be stored in stone, earth, and water
  • Environmental friendly solar energy is recognized as the future of alternative energy sources and is one of the widely used resources
  • The earth receives about 1366 watts solar radiation per square meter
  • Solar energy can be used for spaceships and power calculator
  • Solar power is highly efficient which reduce low electricity bills and panels involve low maintenance cost
  • Solar energy can provide electricity 24*7 with the help of battery backup
  • Solar panel is a part of solar energy that converts sunlight into the electricity
  • Solar energy is used in agriculture and horticulture
  • Our body creates vitamin D using the solar energy

Solar energy has made our life easier.  Since efficiency is one of our priorities, going for a solar energy is a good idea.  A solar energy system saves the electricity bills and is environment-friendly.

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