Give Your Family The Best Medical Assistance In Times Of Crisis

Imagine one of your loved ones faces a medical emergency, while they are away on a vacation in a remote location, and you are unable to help them. It is a scary feeling right? This is where a good air ambulance service can come to your rescue.

Give Your Family The Best Medical Assistance In Times Of Crisis

What to Look for While Choosing the Right Air Ambulance Services

Air ambulance services ensure that patients facing medical emergencies in remote locations are transported safely to nearby locations and given medical assistance right away. Now the question that arises here is which air ambulance to hire? Below are some tips that might prove to be useful here:

  • Ensure that you authenticate the licenses of the ambulance service
  • Ask for proof with certification from the ambulance service you wish to hire
  • They should be well equipped with professional medical consultants, doctors and paramedics
  • Ask for a quote by the air ambulance service and compare these with other ambulance services you have shortlisted
  • Ensure that their ambulance service is well equipped with essential medical equipment such as Oxygen cylinders, monitoring machines etc.

So, if your loved one has been in a crisis at a remote place near Roatan, then you can simply hire Air ambulance Roatan services and ensure that they are safe and get the best medical care possible.

Types of Air Ambulances Available and Their Uses

Air ambulances can be broadly classified into two types:

  • Rotary Wing Air Ambulances
  • Fixed Wing Air Ambulances

Rotary wing air ambulances are nothing but helicopters and are used to transport medics to remote locations, where patient has been injured and carry them back to hospitals. These helicopters are ideal for short distances.

These helicopters can land on paved roads or fields allowing them to be as close to the patient’s location as possible. In the case of fixed wing ambulances, the patient first needs to be transported to an airstrip, which is not recommended if the patient is critically injured.

Fixed winged ambulance can be further classified as:

  • Propeller or piston driven
  • Jets
  • Turboprops

Propeller or piston driven aircrafts are suitable for short distances, typically longer than rotary wing helicopters. These aircrafts have limited space and fly at lower altitudes and are pretty noisy.

Jets on the other hand can fly at higher altitudes and are suitable for harsh and bad weather conditions. These have the ability to accommodate more people and can fly off to far destinations.

Turboprops come with turbine engines and are more fuel efficient than propeller or piston driven aircrafts. These aircrafts are good for mid or long duration trips.

Travel Insurance and Air Ambulance Cover

You might think that all these expenses will be covered by your travel insurance, but does your travel insurance offer ambulance cover.

During crisis, you will not remember all such details, since your major concern would be the safety of your loved ones. So, if you have not yet opted for travel insurance, then you might want to look at insurances that cover for ambulance coverage.


Air ambulance services are the need of the hour, especially if it concerns with the safety of your loved ones. Ensure that you hire the best services without compromising on the quality of services.

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