How to Pick the Perfect Love Song for Your Wedding

Your wedding is right on your heels and everything is just as you would expect at this point. The food trucks are prepped for the reception, the justice of the peace is paid for the service, and everything is going smooth. Except…you need to come up with the perfect love song to symbolize you and your new spouse’s romance. However, you are drawing a blank, your muse is asleep, and you can’t seem to conjure any songs to mind. No worries—the below article boasts some nifty advice to picking the perfect love song for your wedding.

Think Back to “Your Song” When You Started Dating
Remember when the flames of romance had just sparked for you and your love? Where every love song on the radio reminded you of them? Do you remember what some of those songs were? Then pick through some retro tunes to get in the groove for your perfect love song. Chances are, some of those oldies that were “your song” will still apply.
Make a List of Beloved Love Songs that You Both Love
Couples love to like love songs because they embody romance and passion. So, before exchanging your nuptials, compile and combine a list of your favorite love songs. Then pick one somehow. Close your eyes and choose. Throw darts at the notebook. Or, simply decide on a love song that means the most to both of you.
Why Choose Just One?
If you have problems picking only one love song to symbolize your romance, create a playlist of your favorites. You can have more than one, but you will need to space them out throughout your wedding. Or, better yet, save them all for the reception at the end of your nuptials, when everyone can dance to the love songs that you and your spouse love the most.
Opt for a Trusted Outside Opinion
Some couples have taken to asking their families and friends for advice on love songs. They want to know what those trusted individuals think of when they view the relationship of the soon-to-be newlyweds. Keep a running tally of their suggested love songs. Or, ask them to pick from your own list, then narrow it down.
When all else fails, hire a professional DJ and express, in detail, what you feel for your partner. DJs have a knack for choosing the perfect songs for special occasions and celebrations. You can throw in a few suggestions, or leave the playlist of love songs entirely up to your hired professional. Whatever the case is, check back to the aforementioned tips if you have trouble planning the music for your wedding.

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