Leaked Screenshots Of Windows 9 OS and Its Review and Customizations

Latest customization of Windows 9 photos is leaking, we already have the look of windows 9 previously, but this time we are getting closer look at it, German sites Computer Base and Win Future are having about 20 photos including Windows technical preview. So those photos and the Windows 9 first look are expected to release this month October 2014. If you have a question eating your mind about latest Windows 9 features it customizations.

We already know that Asia was not satisfied with the earlier release of Windows 8 and they are trying to make their own home Operating System to. Well, keeping this in mind the developers may not make the same mistake with the Windows 9, if you have a close look with Windows 9 screenshots you can clearly figure out that it’s a little similar to Windows 7 OS mixed with Win 8.

Leaked Screenshots Of Windows 9 OS and Its Review and Customizations

Well, Win 7 is successfully running with all positive rating and reviews all over the world, maybe this particular point could be better for Win 9 in the future, the screen shots provide a closer look at the new Start Menu and some different changes with the Windows taskbar customization and icons change.

And surely it is not any kind of rumors or something all other top websites confirmed that leaked screenshots are genuine.

For this latest Win 9 they added new search icon which is next to Start button on taskbar, along with the search icon you can see that a virtual desktop icon is featured, so there is more to know about the virtual desktop icon maybe it allows users to switch between virtualized desktop areas. And the icons of the start menu are the same from Win 8; you can commonly see that the Win 8 icons are floating almost in all leaked screen shots. From the start menu, you can directly get access to Music, Facebook, People, Calendar, News, store mail, SkyDrive and so on, maybe you can have customized options to fix with your interest icons in it.

There is so much to know how the Win 9 OS will look like; Microsoft would also appear with new icons for file explorer and desktop and other features, it would look slightly to match its Metro-style look and feel of Windows 8, Microsoft is making slight changes comparing with a more different look to appear.

Overall for the technical review, we are only just a few days away to have a look on it.

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