Most Often Used Hacks In Sport Simulations

Hacks in Sport Games Before and Today

If we were writing this text only few years ago, I would easily make a list of most popular hacks for sport simulation video games in less than a minute. Of course, most of the sport simulations are centered on making good results or making most accurate moves. Many older sport simulations had simple mechanics where player had to find the best moment to press the button or to be most precise when hitting the scale for movement, strength or whatever factor video game had. Most of the hacks for older sport simulations were focused on making the player always hit the perfect shot, or giving him above average strength, etc.

In football games, hacks were mostly for fixing the individual characteristics of players so all players in team would have maximal skills and abilities? This was especially important in later sport simulations which became more complex to the point they started to be mix of sport simulation and manager game. In fact, we try to talk only about sport simulation video games but in fact it is hard to make strict difference between sport simulations and manager games today because both of them usually have both elements mixed at some ratio. Let’s look at the example of typical FIFA game versus typical football manager.

Most Often Used Hacks In Sport Simulations

FIFA franchise used to be pure football simulation video game until recently when new manager modes were introduced where players got more control over his team. But the basic of every FIFA game is pure football game, with complex interface allowing for all sorts of shots, passing, dribbling and special moves in game. Characteristics of the players are also very important in single game, but they have more importance in manager mode of the game. On the other hand, we can say that pure football manager doesn’t have any game elements included; its basic element is making a team out of many individual players and making a right tactics. But beyond that, real football manager doesn’t have any impact on the match, it remains the question of player’s judgment, tactics and of course, luck.

We will leave the real manager video games aside for now and try to focus only on sport simulations. If we look at some of the most popular FIFA hack tools in past few years, we can see that most of them were focused on making extraordinary moves in game, allowing for easier ball handling, goal scoring and more precise passing. Over the years player’s characteristics became more and more important, and hacks for FIFA games started to focus on fixing the player’s skills and basic abilities. But in last few years, FIFA started to turn to manager mode in the game, and new mode for multiplayer online gaming, called FUT mode (which is short for Fifa ultimate team mode).

Manager mode of the game came with all macro controls for controlling the whole team, most like those in other manager games. On the other hand, FUT mode was revolving around getting best players for your team and playing against other players. In our hack tools for previous FIFA titles, we still had such hacks as aim hack, super shot, safe pass and super speed for players. Al these hacks were used exclusively during football match, and there was no need for any other hack because the game was actually all about playing a football match. With the inclusion of serious manager mode, we started to make hacks for adding cash, finding best players, fixing their abilities and skills to the max, and so on. But the most important change came with introducing FIFA points into the game, and later, with introducing FIFA coins.

From that point, the whole game centered on making as much of these resources as possible. That was because player could achieve everything in game with enough of these resources. If you check our hack tools for newest FIFA title, FIFA 15, you can see that whole tool is dedicated to making FIFA 15 free coins and Fifa points. The sad truth is that nothing else is needed today. If you have enough premium currency, you will have all in game that you need.

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