Procedure For Acquiring Environmental Permits – Necessary Step For A Building Construction

Today, any kind of construction project requires a lot of licenses and permits, in order to get started, and environmental permits are one of them. It is basically a step taken by governments of various countries to control the destructive effects of rapid urbanization and construction.

They provide clearance to a construction project in certain fields after getting inspected by their respective departments. These departments include fire, health care, environmental, municipality, technical surveillance, etc.

Environmental permits or keskkonnaload are official documents that allow contractors to construct buildings after they are approved and considered to be within the safety and quality control standards. Here are some methods for obtaining different types of environmental permits that one needs to initiate construction project.

Procedure For Acquiring Environmental Permits - Necessary  Step For A Building Construction

Submit EIA Report

It is the local municipality that decides whether a construction project needs to be examined for its impact on environment or not. Once an applicant applies for construction permit, the whole procedure takes about 7 days to get completed. However, it takes about 20 days to decide whether the assessment will take place or not. It is cost free, and the applicant has no say in it.

Get Clearance on the Project

Every construction project needs to be inspected on the grounds of its environmental impacts, eco-labels, eco-management and scrutiny plans for any potential environmental damage. It has been stated that environmental impacts of a project will be assessed when its development, implementation or amendments affect the environment in some or the other way.

To carry out an activity, one must get an EIA inspection done and pay for all the expenses. There are two ways to get an assessment done on the project. First one is on the grounds of obligatory conditions and second one is based on the local municipality’s approval. If authority feels that an environmental impact assessment needs to be carried out, then they must have a valid reason for it. Make sure that you know the category under which your project falls.

It is free of charge and the whole process takes about 30 days, only if the process is simple and you need just a clearance. Otherwise, it could take up to 1 year to get the approval from municipality as well as environmental supervisory authority. You might also get called for a public hearing to present your case.

Acquire Building Permit from Municipality

Apply for construction consent along with its design documentation, in order to get a building permit. Based on the regulations of the Building Act, the municipality must complete the inspection within 25 days and announce its decision of approving or rejecting the application for building permit.

Effective since June 2009, your application must also include an energy certificate. Its assessment will be done by the engineers of your project. Notify your local municipality when you start the construction. During construction, municipality will observe the whole work to find whether it meets the requirements or not. During inspection, municipality also contacts other departments for information on your project.

Lastly, there are other permits you need to obtain from fire, health care and technical surveillance departments in order to get fully certified and legal.

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