Protect And Secure Your Identity Against Thefts And Breaches

Technological advances have made our lives easier and more comfortable than before. But it has also given rise to some unsavoury things like data breaches, identity thefts etc. Hence today it has become all the more important to keep a strict online and offline watch over all personal information stored on the cloud.

Protect And Secure Your Identity Against Thefts And Breaches

Identity force is a way to safeguard all your personal information. It is well known for providing a comprehensive identity protection package for businessmen, government officials and individuals. It is highly recommended because of the services provided by its panel of certified experts in terms of:

  • Affordability:  The monthly charges range between $12 and $20. This makes it one of the most lucrative protection services currently on offer.  In fact it is too good a price for the type of protection accorded to its clients.
  • Identity protection is absolutely comprehensive:  The identity protection services provided by Identity force include

o   Credit monitoring,

o   Legal protection,

o   Internet scanning and

o   An analytical system.

Hence it offers one of the most comprehensive packages which encompass almost all different types of protection services.

  • 4 types of recovery service: It offers complete recovery and restoration services in all matters relating to the thefts in the fields of

o   Financial data

o   Medical records,

o   Tax records and

o   Criminal records.

  • Insurance: It even offers an insurance of $1million through AIG which can only be availed off, if the data and identity theft is reported within 90days.

Advantages of this software

The advantages or benefits of this software include:

  • The use of its own ID Analytics engine: This engine is used to search for and recover any confidential personal data which is supposed to be stolen. This makes the service come up with results faster.
  • Offers a score for identity health: This is a score which tells the user what his risk factor is for sharing data online.
  • Business bureau rating: It has a business bureau rating of A+ which makes it score over the rest of the identity protection services currently available.

Disadvantages of this software

One disadvantage associated with this software is that absence of antivirus software in its package. But it does provide tools for online protection like anti-key logging, anti-phishing etc., which are very effective and efficient.

The overall response of this identity protection software has been extremely positive and users generally vouch for their excellent customer service.

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