Quick, Easy & Affordable Tips For A Healthier And Fitter Workforce

A healthy and fit workforce will produce the goods for you, time and time again. So why do so many bosses avoid putting in the effort when it comes to promoting a healthier lifestyle? It’s very odd. Not only is a healthy bunch of staff more productive, sharper, and positive, but it also costs a lot to replace them when they are off sick.

Quick, Easy & Affordable Tips For A Healthier And Fitter Workforce

So, if you think you could do a bit more for your employees, then you have come to the right place. This guide will show you some quick and easy tips that you can start implementing right away. They won’t cost the earth either. So, if you want your employees to be firing on all cylinders, read on.


If you have a canteen, think about what meals are being served. Talk to your caterers about promoting a healthier menu. Sure, what your employees eat is completely down to them. But studies have shown that even the positioning of healthier food in a canteen can have an effect on what diners eat. You can also think about supplying fresh fruit for every desk or workstation. It costs very little and will encourage people to have a healthier snack, rather than heading for the chocolate dispenser.


Encourage sport in the workplace. Start a football or basketball team, get some shirts made up, and sponsor them yourself. It will help people get fit and give you free advertising on matchdays. Nobody likes being pushed into fitness regimes, but if you supply them with the tools, they will be more likely to respond positively. You could even give them an hour or so a week off to take part in a fitness activity. This would preferably be in the afternoon when productivity is at its lowest.


Starting a wellness program for your employees can have amazing benefits. They will be more focused, less stressed, and be able to embrace change better. They will also be far more aware of their bodies, meaning medical problems could be noticed at an earlier, more solvable stage. This can dramatically reduce their time spent off sick. If you want a more productive workforce, try out wellness programs to achieve it!


There’s a reason advertisers put up posters everywhere. It’s because they work. The simple effort it takes to put up health-oriented posters can have a surprisingly beneficial effect on your workforce. Whether they read them or not, psychologically the message will stay with them throughout the day. Try it – you might be shocked b the effect it has.


Finally, look into your current health insurance plan for your employees. If you are actively showing that you are contributing to a healthier lifestyle for them, you may even get lower premiums. This is true of almost every activity listed above, especially wellness. With this in mind, you can now shop around for a better deal for your employer health insurance.

As you can see, there are lots of minor tweaks you can make to your business that will promote a healthier lifestyle. And even if you are cold-hearted enough not to care about employee health, the truth is it can have a positive effect on your bottom line.

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