Role Of The DUI Accident Attorney

The role of the DUI attorney is crucial these days. The lawyers come with the perfect understanding of the case and they can perfectly empathize with you once you get arrested in the case of DUI. The penalty for the same is severe and in case you are proved to be guilty you would be convicted in the court of law and this will make you go through stringent punishment. Most of the lawyers have more than 50 years of experience in the genre and they know how to make you stand clean in the test. However, there is no reason to go through stress once you are convicted.

Role Of The DUI Accident Attorney

The Role of the DUI Lawyer

You have the lawyer to help you out when in trouble. For details you can consult sites like However, you may have ample of questions in mind before even facing such a situation. Thus, you can visit the lawyers at any time and in the way you will receive the probable answer of the queries intended. The DUI lawyer is aware of the fact that once you are arrested there is all possibility that your life can change. This is when you are in need of legal help.

The Way Things Happen

The incident happens this way. First you are convicted for the crime that you have committed and the police will arrest you on the spot and make you go through some sort of sobriety test. Once the police person is sure that your breath shows signs of alcohol you would be in trouble seriously. You may even be asked to give a blood test. If you are less than 21 years of age and your blood sample shows signs of alcohol you would be immediately arrested and that too without any question. Other than a blood test one can even go through a urine test. The consequence in both the case would be the same.

The Nature of the Tests

There is no chance that you would deny giving a test. In that case you would be convicted straight and taken to the court of law. It is the law of the state that if you are found to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drug it is compulsory that you have to take a test at once you are asked to. You have to appear for the chemical test at the time when you are arrested. You can choose between the blood test and the breath test, but remember that the result in both is sure to be the same.

The Urine Test to be conducted

There are situations when the provision for both blood test and breath test are not there. In this case the driver can be asked to provide with a urine sample. It can be so that the driver is not well for which reason he cannot go through the blood test. There is no reason to think that he can escape. A urine test is must in this case. Once the test is conducted and the driver is found to be guilty this is the time he is in need of the LA DUI accident attorney.

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