The Essential Leadership Skills You Need

The Essential Leadership Skills You Need

When you’re the boss, you need to show it. That doesn’t mean telling people what to do or pushing them around. Being a boss isn’t about being hard-nosed and totally focussed on the bottom line. Being a leader is about inspiring people. It’s about being someone they trust and someone they can rely on. A business environment should be a family, not a slave driver whipping their underlings. A true leader needs these skills.


A boss that doesn’t understand the complaints and plights of those working under them isn’t a good leader. People have different lives to yours, if something is making their job hard for them don’t just tell them to get on with it.

At the least you can help them be flexible with their work to accommodate their problem. If you want to go all the way, you’ll try your best to help solve their problem.

First Aid

When employees expect you to be reliable, they mean for everything. Having first aid skills can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. While it’s unlikely your employees are going to keel over in office hours, it is still a possibility.

For that reason, you and other selected staff should be trained in first aid in case of any emergency. You can take a first aid course through services like These courses should give you a run-down of the basics of first aid emergencies.


If you don’t know what’s going on in the business, how can you ever expect to be seen as a leader? Most bosses will only pay attention to what’s happening at the top. They’ll spread information to the lower levels, but rarely will they listen to employees about how it’s affecting them.

A good leader listens. Always try to get a feel for how things are going for your employees. Ask them how the new software is working. Ask them about the new directives passed down are impacting their job. Use the answers you get to better your business. A happy worker is a productive worker. If you can make their job easy, they can get more done.

Clear Vision

Leaders need to know the direction they are going to lead in. If you are not confident in the direction you are taking the business in, how can your employees be confident in you? Your business plan should be something you know like the back of your hand. You should be devoted to it, and understand each action’s implication upon it.


Don’t try and keep everything close to your chest. Keeping your employees in the dark only serves to ruin your bond of trust and their faith in management. Once that is gone, all loyalty to you and your business can be eroded.

Sometimes you may have to keep secrets, but whenever possible be clear and honest with your staff about any situation.

These are the skills you need to be a true leader. They may be tough to obtain, but once you have them, you can be a force of nature in business and the best boss you can be for your employees.

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