The Long-Term, Ethical Answer To All Your Pigeon Problems

Many residences and businesses in the Toronto area have experienced an ongoing struggle with pigeons and various other birds infiltrating their premises. Often this is such a large problem for business owners that the area can become unsanitary and unhealthy, mandating the need for bird control services.

The Long-Term, Ethical Answer To All Your Pigeon Problems

Sanitation Problems

Unfortunately, these creatures, seen all over the city, have also been proven to spread bacteria and disease in their waste, creating issues for businesses and residential building managers. Birds and their droppings can potentially spread over 60 different diseases, some of which are truly dangerous. The diseases that do become a problem are transmitted to adults or children usually by coming into direct contact with droppings. Businesses such as restaurants with outdoor dining are at the highest risk category for this type of problem, and should consider professional help or check out in order to learn how they can resolve the issue properly.

The issue occurs because populations multiply in one area that provides them with shelter and food until their numbers grow out of control. The natural instinct of these animals is to migrate together and seek shelter for lodging. This often causes large numbers to be found roosting together and creating unpleasant, unsanitary and unhealthy conditions, with negative effects on homeowners, family members, and even pets.

Destruction of Buildings

In addition to health and sanitation issues, pigeons can be a nuisance in a variety of other ways. Because the droppings are very acidic, they deteriorate the outer surface of stone, metal and other types of material used on many commercial structures. This problem creates millions of dollars in damage each year. Another problem arises when managers or employees attempt to kill, trap or exterminate these creatures in a dangerous or inhumane manner, sometimes placing their own health or the health of others in jeopardy.

Problem Solving

The only solution that makes logical sense is to humanely and permanently remove the nesting area for these creatures by making it uninhabitable for them. This will cause them to migrate to a better, safer and more natural habitat. Pigeon Busters seeks to resolve the problem humanely by designing customized and permanent solutions for each location. When technologies like spikes, electrical tracks and wires, netting, and bird-friendly glass are properly installed, they are completely safe and will not harm any wildlife. Instead of using tactics that harm, confine or kill pigeons or any other animals, their focus is one hundred percent preventative rather than destructive.

An experienced company such as Pigeon Busters knows that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to such problems since every single edifice is different. They work hard to design and conduct unique, individual solutions for every client, often working together with architects and engineers of a particular building to create a pigeon-proof structure. They also provide necessary solutions for corporate clients including construction companies, and real estate and building management firms.

In order to tackle the issues humanely, all technicians have to be thoroughly trained, experienced and committed to the safe and humane relocation of birds.

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