Tips For Controlling The Risk Factors On Staircases

You must be aware of all those several accidents that people face nowadays, while treading on a staircase. They either slip or fall from these areas and come across serious accidents that not only cause fatal injuries, but also lead to death at times. Well, there are numerous factors responsible for such accidents and it is you, who needs to take special care about these factors.

Make sure that your stairways are in great condition and come with appropriate dimension and design. Consider, whether these stairways have all the following aspects:

  • Make sure that you staircases always have enough light, such that people never miss one stair due to darkness.
  • See that the handrails are at proper height, so that people can easily access it. Use a handrail that contrasts with the adjacent walls.
  • Your stairs should also come with an excellent anti-slip property at the edge of every step.
  • Clearly and well-marked edges.
  • Steps are also free from every kind of obstacles and hazards.

Risk management is highly essential on stairways, especially when these are of some specific places, where the foot traffic is much higher like factories, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, etc. Stairs in such areas must get extra support; they must have handrails on both the sides for a better grip and support. Ideally, stairs must not be open riser, curved, winding or steep they should be easy and comforting to tread upon. Edges of a stairway should always be market or come with stair nosing systems that helps in resisting slips and falls. These nosing systems can also enhance your grip on these surfaces.

Tips For Controlling The Risk Factors On Staircases

Assessment of Your Staircases:

Risk factor in staircases is much higher, especially when it belongs to any commercial and industrial area. This is because;life of too many people comes into risk. Hence, if you want your employees and visitors to stay safe in your work premises, consider going for an assessment in that area to make sure that it is absolutely safe. There are experts and professionals who can help you with this assessment. They can judge every circumstance and your stairs wisely and say whether they are appropriate and entirely safe for usage or not.

Some stairs might not be safe for your visitors and employees, especially the ones in wheelchairs and mobility scooter. Thus, you need to ensure that the staircases of your worksite contain fixtures that reduce the risk of accidents and enhance your grip over them.  One of the best fixtures that help reducing accidents on stairs is the stair nosing system. These are thin strips of wood, aluminum, steel or FRP are placed on the sharp edges of your stairs and restricts you from and slipping down.

This anti-skid stair treads not only controls the amount of accidents in your worksite, but also makes sure that no one gets injured form the step and sharp edges of the steps. This contrasting color of these stair nosing systems and your steps allows you to distinguish every stair even in darkness.

Author’s Bio: Simon Hopes is a renowned author. He writes various articles on risk management in commercial sectors. He suggests that Treadwell group offers some of the most effective risk management products for commercial sites.