What Actions are Required to Prevent Water Damage to Hardwood Floor

Many people prefer to install hardwood for the flooring of their houses. Hardwood is certainly more attractive, cleaner and shiny as compared to carpet and more hygienic too. However, there is one problem and that is hardwood can get damaged due to water and therefore you need to be careful and proactive so that you can maintain them for many years.

As we know water is the worst enemy of this kind of floor, which can discolor or create warping and the boards may get separated between them. Therefore, you need to take right steps in order to prevent such damage.

Easiest things to do

You should make sure that water never falls or leaks and get accumulated on the wooden floor. Anytime you observe any sign of moisture, you must mop it immediately with dry and clean cloth. You can minimize the damage on the hardwood by taking quick action and make sure that you clean it too. That way it will maintain its shininess and look beautiful, free of dust and clean. Bacteria will also not be able to develop in the dark places.

While cleaning, you should not mop or soak with water or any other cleaning solutions, but use it in little quantity and try to clean the floor. You need to make sure that moisture will not develop, particularly in the area which does not receive much light.

You can install a humidistat

As a long term preventive measure you can install a humidistat, so that it will help you to control the humidity level of your home when HVAC system is installed. You can choose your own humidistat or take help of HVAC installer to help you for that. Get familiar with the working of humidistat and make sure that your room does not get humidity level beyond 30 to 50 per cent.

Repair the damage

Often you may need to do hardwood floor water damage repair so that its originality can be well maintained. You must focus the fan of your AC duct on the area where moisture is likely to develop. If required you can put additional fan in order to remove the moisture.

If however your floor has been damaged due to exposure to water then you should try to dry it up so that it becomes flat. You can also use sanders to restore the finish of the surface so that the hardwood comes back to its original shape.

Call professional if needed

If in spite of your own effort to remove buckling fails, then there must be presence of humidity under the floor. In such case, you need to take help of professionals to set it right.

Depending upon the extent of damage your professional may suggest replacement of the board as repair of such wooden board will not be so easy to do and it will be very difficult to maintain good look of your wooden floor. There are number of companies available in the market, who are specialized in maintaining wooden floors.

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